Scientology Leader David Miscavige: Prisoner of Conscience!


How can COB be guilty of anything except caring too much and possibly overly decorating the Ideal Orgs?

COB RTC David Miscavige is a Prisoner of Conscience, a latter day Martin Luther King who is now on trial in Texas. Mr. Miscavige’s only “crime” is that he stood up and defended Scientology orthodoxy in the Nation of Texas where the R6 Christian implant prevails.

What happened is that COB engaged in dramatic Scientology religious theater that was not understood by the simple Christian people of Texas.

Then again, without the benefit of membership in the Church of Scientology, most people would have a major misunderstood on the importance of COB sending an Ecclesiastical Dildo to a woman at her workplace in order to enforce Scientol0hgy orthodoxy. Likewise, most people would not understand 199 days of religious harassment, but COB does and ordered it done.

This sort of clear thinking and action explains why David Miscavige is the Pope of Scientology.

The Squirrel Busters: Dramatic Religious Theater and not actual insanity per se. But we understand why it might look crazy to non-Scientologists.

The Squirrel Busters led by OT John Allender,  were simply Scientology ministers engaging in the protected religious practice of banging on people’s doors and screaming at them they’re going to straight to Hell on a greased surfboard.

All John wanted to do was a Tech inspection and terrorize the locals.

The PI’s, the Squirrel Busters, the hidden cameras, and even the giant Ecclesiastical Dildo were all a part of the free exercise of the Scientology religion. As such, they are fully protected by the US Constitution and Judge Waldrip needs to understand this.

Fabian Scientologist Will Smith will soon come out publicly as a Scientologist. His wife Jada may not like this, but so what? Will can just disconnect from her like a good Scientologist.

Will Smith may already be on a private jet winging his way to Texas. There, Mr. Smith will stand out in front of the Comal County courtroom to decry the injustice done to Mr. Miscavige by the insane Nation of Texas!

How dare a Texas court think that it has a right to consider whether or not Mr. Miscavige can be named or deposed by SP’s!

Scientologist Will Smith will be only too happy to stand in that courtroom to defend the conduct of Mr. Miscavige and the Church of Scientology in Texas:

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  1. Darn that pesky R6 Christian implant! COB has done so much to rid the world of it. We just don’t appreciate him enough for his selfless sacrifice.

    On the other hand John Allender and his team of clowns are just douchebags who are not worthy to clean the doggie doo from COB’s $5000 custom made John Lobb shoes. They are to report to the RPF’s RPF’s RPF for turd polishing duty.


  2. Who in their right mind would sue the Church of Scientology because they received a giant Ecclesiastical Dildo? I have it on good word it came from COB’s personal collection and Lou is heart broken. I ask you, would a Catholic sue the church if the Pope gave them his golf clubs? Would a Nation of Islam member sue if they received Louis Farrakhan’s Cuisinart?
    As a footnote, the dildo in question was a titanium replica of the one LRH took with him when he dropped his meat body.


  3. OT8, let me get this straight. All acts by Scientologists are acts of kindness and enthusiasm, even if misinterpreted as harassment, coercion, whatever, and that misunderstanding is caused by our body thetans. Therefore, we must all support COB and his selfless, courageous acts. Is that correct?


    • please allow me, otviiiisgrrr8!. mr. woggy woggiest wog of all wogs, jgg2012, you lack a proper understanding of the ot3 fundamentals. at the risk of having you freewheel and develop pneumonia, a risk i am totally willing to take, by the way, i will give you a quick prep on these exalted materials. the body thetans are responsible for all of the ills of mankind. your m/u regarding scientology’s actions stem from your complete ignorance of scientology training and methods. i heartily recommend that you seek out your nearest ideal org and bring yourself up to speed. as to your last thought, cob deserves your boot-licking, ever-lasting worship because it is his ecclesiastical big beingness that will save everyone in this forsaken galaxy sector from eternal nothingness, even you.


  4. watch your tone 1.9 with me, you lowly wog! i am only trying to raise your beingness and knowingness levels so that you can understand some of the source truths instead of spouting your usual ignorant, offensive and bigoted gibberish.


  5. This is an amazing example of Dramatic Religious Theater performed by one of the finest human beings who has ever lived – OT VIII John Allender! Wow! I’m absolutely speechless. The THETA!!!! The THETA!!!!


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