Nation of Islam Scientologists Warn: Beware of the So-Called Jew!

COB RTC David Miscavige is pleased to promote the anti-Semitic musical stylings of  his fellow Scientologists in the Nation of Islam. This song is well worth the listen to as it shows the fruit of Scientology Technology as applied by the Nation of Islam.

The video begins with 16 seconds of silence during which a very funny Nation of Islam joke about Jews and Christmas is displayed.

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    • Yours in an excellent question. The answer is this: One can be a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu a Nation of Islam member, or be a member of any other religion and still be a Scientologist.

      Scientology will make a Jew a better Jew.

      Scientology will make a Christian a better Christian.

      Scientology will make a Jew-Hating Nation of Islam member a better Jew-Hating Nation of Islam member.

      As the Founder of Scientology once famously said, “A cleared cannibal is still a cannibal.”


  1. Young Khan appears to have a major hit on his hands as this song rides the top of the anti-Semitic hit list and is considered #1 with a bullet. After first confusing him with Jay-Z, I listened to the heartfelt message he offered and nodded my head along with the repetitive comm line he repeated throughout the musical offering. I marveled at his application of TR tech, as well as his continued bull baiting towards the end of his perceived enemies.

    Good stuff….It’s tech application like this that will take us over the top!!

    It was also interesting to hear a video of Minister Farrakhan, which queued in following the song. I was in another room when I heard the Minister’s booming voice cut through the air. It was totally Tone 40 and upon coming back to the room I noticed it matched his powder blue Tone 40 suit.

    Like mom always said, people will judge you by the friends you keep. The Church should be proud to call Minister Farrakhan and the NOI nothing less than the best of friends. Let the people take our measure by friends such as these.


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