The Antago Crims


We in the Religious Technology Center (RTC) have recently been made aware of a very dangerous new group of wholetrack criminals whose very existence threatens both this planet and the Scientology religion.

We have code-named this group the Antago Crims.

Word Clearing:

Antago = antagonistic to the Church of Scientology. Example of usage: “There are antago videos posted on YouTube.”

Crims = criminals. Example of usage: “The American Psychiatric Association is a group of crims!”

The Antago Crims are a new group of Scientology haters who have only recently emerged from the Shadows of Suppression.

Led by moles inside of the HGB and Celebrity Centre International, the Antago Crims pose a much greater threat than any previous threat ever in the entire history of the Church of Scientology.

We in RTC will keep our readers apprised of developments in OSA’s investigation of the super-secret Antago Crims!

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    • You must be on some other planet faraway in a distant galaxy.

      Here on Teegeeack Earth, Scientology Ideal Orgs are booming in a veritable avalanche of unparalleled straight up and vertical expansionnesses that drive home what COB RTC David Miscavige means when he says that the Golden Age of Tech II will blow away all the stops and barriers to Fully Understood Conceptual Knowledge Eagerly Delivered in over 22,000 languages in all 15,901 countries on this planet!

      Thank you COB!


  1. Why label the whole thing with the german word for ‘secret’?? Is it too secret to use english??? Perhaps you could get a Navajo code talker to put it in to an undecipherable language?


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