The Church of Scientology Explained Using the Art of Jack Chick – Part 1

COB RTC David Miscavige has guided the Church of Scientology into an era of unprecedented expansion.

Working from his modest quarters in the RTC Building at Int Base, Mr. Miscavige regularly meets with his juniors to keep the Church expanding:

The Church of Scientology is opposed by the Psychs, a wholetrack group of evil implanters who seek to enslave all of Mankind by use of drugs and R6 implants such as witchcraft and other deviant religions:

Under the guidance of Mr. Miscavige, Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs (OSA) keeps tabs on the Psychs using the latest scientific methods:

Note: If you oppose the Church of Scientology — or are otherwise critical of Scientology — you are a Psych, an SP, and a Sicko!

If you do not want to be a Psych, an SP, or a Sicko then you need to help!

The only way you can help is to join the Church of Scientology and become an IAS member.

Sign the IAS Membership Contract now!

Once you become a member of the Church of Scientology, you will understand that we are all thetans, or spirits. Danny Sherman understood this after he became a Scientologist way back when:

The only real purpose of all Church of Scientology members is to perpetually write KR’s on all Scientologists, Psychs, SP’s, and Sickos:

The Church wants it members to turn in Sickos (SP’s):

images by the Jack Chick, the legendary and wildly insane Christian cartoonist : chick.com

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  1. Very creative post, OTVIII !

    I am nominating you for an S.P. Award! Congratulations! Look for the announcement in an upcoming PR Web press release. 😉


  2. This cult sounds awsome. Where do I sign the billion year contract, and give all my current savings, and commit my future earnings? Please post the phone number to the nearest intergalactic IAS representative!


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