Live Blogging from the Grand Opening of the Portland Ideal Org

We in RTC are here in Portland reporting live as COB RTC David Miscavige presides over the historic Grand Opening of the Portland Ideal Org.

Tens of millions of Church of Scientology parishioners from the 15,901 countries of the world have gathered to hear COB speak:

Chill E.B. has now taken the stage to sing his international smash hit, “Pop a cap in tha asses of the Psychs!


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  1. The Church’s Office of Special Affairs OSA is now speaking on the importance of every Scientologist turning in their Facebook friends to OSA. Additionally, it is vital that all Scientologists give OSA any legal declaration they request.



    The Psychs so completely hate the fact that this new Ideal Org will put them out of business in Portland that they are putting up criminal Joking & Degrading about COB online:

    SP image credit: Observer


  3. Hindu religious leader Dale Lama held a meeting nearby but it was a failure. It seems that all of Portland had turned out to see Mr. Miscavige speak.

    Sorry Dale.

    Next time don’t try to compete with the Church of Scientology!


  4. Burger King is a Scilon!!?? Say it ain’t so. That is a great pic of him though. I admit to being drawn in by the counter-culture irreverent pull of the jokester Burger King (not enough to actually buy his product, but the ads were entertaining). Knowing now that the King is OTIII puts a whole different spin on his antics. They now appear almost Tom Cruise like.

    Speaking of folks missing from public view, has anyone seen Ronald McDonald in public in the last 10 years? He’s been as scare as Heber…just sayin.


  5. Burger King is a Scilon!!??? Say it ain’t so!! I’ve viewed his catchy, hipster ads with a wink and a nod, but in view of this, I’m forced to rethink the bogo coupon hanging on the fridge. What’s next – a free personality test in the combo meal?

    Seeing the King out in public reminds one that Ronald McDonald has been as scarce as Heber Jentzsch over the last 10 years or so. What gives?


    • Ronald McDonald is a Suppressive Person who was attacking the Church of Scientology on the internet.

      McDonald was additionally seeking to dead agent the Burger King by spreading false stories that the Burger King had sold Jack in the Box trade secrets to the KGB.

      OSA investigated McDonald and found that he had an 1980 felony warrant for child molestation in Guatemala.

      The Church made this information available to law enforcement and McDonald was arrested and extradited to Guatemala.


  6. OT8, I noticed that you photoshopped the event so it looks like 3,000 people were there, not 400. Why not just film your events in the LA Coliseum, and
    make it look like 100,000 people were there?


  7. You’ve got the goods OTVIII! Hey, you’ve been OTVIII for awhile now… OTIX soon? Did Project Mouse Table get in the way of your bridge?


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