Fair Game

Scientology: Not as Bad as Russia

We in RTC wish to point out that this is how Vladimir Putin handles Suppressive Persons. This clearly proves that Scientology is not as bad as Russia. Sure, some people in Scientology die under mysterious circumstances, commit suicide, or disappear but Scientology certainly is not as bad as Russia.

And for the record, no Scientologist to the best of our knowledge has ever mysteriously fallen out of a window. Several Scientologists have jumped from tall buildings, and even a bridge, to end cycle, but no acts of defenestration are associated with our religion. We view this as a plus point for Scientology.

Further, unlike Vladimir Putin, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige is a true humanitarian. Mr. Miscavige is presently evading service of subpoena as he does not want his humanitarian work in California, where is he a resident except for when he resides in Florida, interrupted.

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