A recent survey indicated that Scientology and Satanism are tied for being the most popular religions. We in Scientology wish to point out that a person can be both a Scientologist and a Satanist.

Scientology offers a set of tools for effective living that will make Satanists better Satanists.

Our Founder Dr. L. Ron Hubbard Ph.D., C.E., Thelemic Magus, and Nuclear Physicist created the Satanism Rundown which offers the exact Tech of the Dark Arts. No amateur stuff here. Ron got everything right and corrected all of the numerous errors made by his good friend Aleister Crowley.

Please note that real human menstrual blood and semen are used on this particular Rundown and so it is not for dilletantes. The Rundown includes acts of unnatural penetration which some have described as a “feeling of warm deliciousness.” Others screamed in pain and fled the Org never to return. Curious? We thought so. Take a walk on Scientology’s wild side and see what happens.

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  1. This Satanism Rundown certainly does sound like it might be a bit on the wild side!!! Sign me up!!! While the “feeling of warm deliciousness” as a result of unnatural penetration seems like something very desirable, I’m afraid the closest I’ve come to that on my journey on The Bridge to Total Freedom is taking the requisite turn in the barrel with a visit to the Reg.


    • PS you SPs (Special People),
      Have a Happy New Year free from cult influence and may you be able to reunite with those who have dumped you as a result of disconnection policies. For those of you who may be committing High Crimes and Misdemeanors by reading this may you be able to get out from under the radar, off the fence, off the sidelines, out of doubt and not have to endure any more time in the barrel with your favorite Reg.
      Ms. B. Haven


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