Warning: There Are No E-Meters in the Between-Lives Area! Buy Your E-Meter Today!

“There are no e-meters in the between-lives area,” Flag Senior C/S Stayta Kleer warned Scientologists. “You’ve got to make it to full OT this time around.”

“What a dangerous thought to consider: Suddenly finding yourself exterior and at an implant station on Mars in the between-lives area! And worse, you’re regretting that you didn’t go OT when you were in a meat body at Flag!”

“When you’re a discarnate thetan you don’t have hands to hold cans,” Stayta Kleer noted. “So you can’t solo. You can’t even be sec-checked. But you can be implanted! That’s why you need to go full OT now.  And and to GO OT you need an E-Meter.”

“Buy your Quantum E-Meter today at Flag. And you’ll need a spare e-meter in case one breaks while you’re in the middle of a heavily charged incident! OT’s are known to influence electronics and charge can fry a meter! Have a backup in place!”

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