Meet a Scientologist: Jabbalanzo the Phraud

This week on Scientology TV we feature Scientologists Jabbalanzo the Phraud and his slippery Adirondack toadie Lil’ Corey.

We in OSA have Jabbalanzo the Phraud fighting for Scientology on Twitter. We are secretly paying him to ooze his slime, lies, and filth. However, he & his posse are failing. Tune in this week to see how we sec check these sleazy miscreants to find their hidden crimes against Defendant David Miscavige.



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  1. Jabbalanzo’s redundant circular prose is as unappetizing as the many dozens of week old donuts he regularly stuffs in his maw to maintain his output of poorly conceived, thrice baked, kooky conspiracy nut manure. In case you were wondering why Jabbalanzo’s screeds go on and on and on without really saying anything, OSA pays him piecemeal – by the word. Jabbalanzo desires the big score Marty was able to hit, but OSA told Jabbalanzo he must first exceed the founder’s word count output, so needless to say he incoherently labors on.

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    • You might be onto something here with the theory of exceeding the Founder’s word count output. The evidence I would put forth for this is Jabbalanzo’s self-appointed status as an ex-ex-post-ex-ex-ex-post-ex-ex-ex-ex-ex-scientologist. I have it on good authority that most Scientologists who commit present time overts and blow as a result are usually happy to try and disappear themselves or just become regular SPs and call themselves ex-Scientologists and leave it at that.

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  2. Captain Whostolemycog is correct: We in OSA pay Jabbalanzo a penny a word. We also send him each week dozens of stale old donuts from Golden Era Bakeries. We pay his bootlicking toady Corey Andrews in live insects as Corey eats them.

    Jabbalanzo’s next item is to start the ASCASC to expose the real antiscientology-cult movement behind the fake antiscientlogy-cult movement.

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