Is Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg Setting Up an “OT Insanity” Defense?

“We in Scientology have long warned the public that reading the OT materials without proper preparations will cause a person to freewheel through their implants, catch pneumonia, and die,” said Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

“We in Scientology can confirm that former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg went on the SP site xs4all where he read the legally webbed OT materials.  Sure enough, Nunberg began to freewheel through his implants and became quite insane as he babbled away on political talk shows like a drunken Pentecostal.”

“However there is more this story,” cautioned Delusion. “Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is hot on Nunberg’s tracks. We in Scientology believe Nunberg read the OT materials in order to set up an ‘OT Insanity’ defense ahead of possible criminal charges.”

“This would not be the first time someone accused Scientology of driving them insane,” Delusion noted.

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  1. Oh, Davey is insane. If LRH were still there, half the country would be Scientologists. Instead, its approval rating is lower than Trump’s and Trump is a moron. Pouw is a crazy lunatic, and the celebrities are a bunch of dilettantes. I could testify to this all day long, but I won’t.

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  2. Facts provided by today’s WaPo:
    July 2015 – Nunberg fired from the Trump campaign.
    March 2016 – Nunberg endorsed Ted Cruz.

    Given these pertinent facts, it appears the MSM is stuck in an incident which occurred 11/8/16. Over a year later, they’re still freewheeling and stuck in an incident.

    The cartwheeling effects of OT exposure suffered by Mr. Nunberg has a very simple remedy. He should immediately begin a detoxification regimen of at least 200 Kool cigarettes/daily. Alternatively, a sizable donation to the IAS could provide more immediate relief.

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  3. The OT Insanity Defense is old news. Something of a shore story actually. Freewheeling in one’s unflattened incidents is common amongst Scientologists at all levels, it’s just how we roll. That’s why we’re the coolest religion on the Planet. But, it is handy to plead that one has read the OT Materials if one ends up in court after pulling off another Ponzi scheme, engaging in out-2D activities with young teenagers (except in Tennessee) or working for the Trump administration. One need not just have read the Confidential Advanced Course materials to be a complete whack job, but it helps. In fact, the Glee of Insanity (indicators that a Scientologist is winning and is hatted for the OT Insanity defense) is present in the newest PC to the oldest Old Dog OT VIIII retreading their GAT II Purif, GAT II Survival Rundown and GAT II Student Hat for the umteenth time. It’s all right here folks:

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