Scientologists Are Dealing Badly With Reality These Days


“Scientologists are dealing badly with reality these days,” said Ken Delusion.
“The Glee of Insanity has set in hard and appears to be permanent. Even OT’s are on the verge of going Type III.”

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  1. The Glee of Insanity is a well known and much beloved state of existence amongst us Scientologists. The Glee of Insanity is also known as VGIs (Very Good Indicators for any WOG who happens to be reading this RTC approved website). VGIs are required at the end of every auditing session and course completion. VGIs should be present in abundance at the end of every Reg Cycle too, but sometimes they disappear quickly when we realize that we are already up to our ass in debt. Sometimes VGIs can manifest at IAS events when people dress up in silly costumes and play ‘pass the pencil’ or ‘up your Stat-ass’ or some other foolish game.

    The bottom line is this – we Scientologists create our own reality and what is real for us is real. Period. That is certainly something to have Gleefulness about now isn’t it?


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