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  1. COB prefers to hire private investigators who have large arsenals of weapons. COB won’t touch a gun because he’s afraid it may have thetans attached!!


  2. Finally!!!! It looks like Scientology Media Productions is getting the word out about Scientology!!!!! You have to start somewhere and this effort to disseminate to a small un-influential group like the NRA is as good a place to start as any. As Samantha Bee describes so clearly in this video, OT VIIs can shoot people with their minds. This is nothing short of miraculous and I hope it isn’t out-Reality for NRA members (and other up tone members of society) and I hope is doesn’t encourage them to get rid of their firearms just because reaching the OT VII levels and beyond is far cheaper than stocking up on enough AR-15 ammo to defend oneself against SPs and renegade regs and un-ethical Sea Org recruiters who would do anything to get their stats up rather than apply Standard Admin Tech to boom their graphs. In fact, the only boom former NRA members should hear is the booming thunder of riotous clapping at the end of every study period when Academy students share their wins and offer a hardy hip, hip horray to the Commodore.

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