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  1. Canada won’t be safe. Emboldened by their defeat of the American National Guard at Detroit, the Third Loyal Officers Armored Regiment under the command of General Rathbun will sweep across the border laying waste to Ontario and Quebec and capture the strategically important Baffin Island, pausing only briefly to replenish stocks of ‘The Way to Happiness’ before mounting a full scale assault on Greenland.

    Europe will shiver at the prospect of the forthcoming invasion but will be powerless to resist and will sue for peace. Soon there will be an Ideal Org in every town and village in the 17 Northern Continents and the downward spiral will be halted and war, crime and insanity will cease. Only in the few barbarous countries in the Southern Hemisphere ruled by the psyches will Ron’s writ not hold sway.

    Still, it could be worse.

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  2. Scientologists are the NEW and IMPROVED master race!! You will obey COB!! COB orders you to give him all of your money, and go SCOHB to make more money to give to him!!

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  3. America…this is a trap!! Don’t do it! We were tricked into this and fled across the border yesterday in Buffalo.

    We got across the border and made our way to Toronto, but were caught at a personality test road block, where we were immediately detained, then shipped off to the Cambridge Ideal Gulag where prisoners are referred to as “Staff.” Trudeau is no help. Canada is impressed by non-traditional religions. Just look at their PM last week in India…now he’s back home grabbing the cans.

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    • You know you’re lying as you write this, since there is no border in Buffalo. I don’t know why you’re helping those “Canadians” perpetuate the myth that they’re in a separate country. We all know that Canada is part of upstate New York. Calling the quaint hamlet of Toronto the capital of “Canada” doesn’t really make it independent.

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      • I feel like I just have to rant and rave a little bit here. Surely there must be some sort of cosmic separation between the United States and the mythical region of Canada. How do I know this? Cuz there are no Tim Horton’s outside of the mythical region of Canada that is supposedly part of the upstate portion of the downstat state of New York. I am also bummed that the Canadian women didn’t metal in the recent winter olympic curling competition. I am really pissed that there has been no news for weeks regarding Princess Joy Villa. Wasn’t she supposed to be running for some Provincial office in Yukon Territory or Minnesota or some other gawd awful frozen region of the planet? I’m jonesing for some Joy news and this official RTC blog isn’t coming thru for me. I am hoping that there really is a place called Canada. It would be a place of refuge for those of us unfortunate enough to have to endure the current wacko wog Administration in the US. Of course, I don’t know what’s worse, enduring political oppression or the menu at Timmie’s. Damn, I wish those gals would have won a gold medal in curling.

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  4. Joy who? That’s yesterday’s news which I thought was now lining the sandbox for kitty to practice her TR-1.


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