COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige Announces ABF


“Entheta is up 3,000%,” announced Captain Ken Delusion, CO Entheta Particles Unit OSA.

“Even with all he is doing, and all he has done, COB can’t open new Ideal Orgs fast enough to counter the entheta or the spectatorism and CICS’ing in the OT Committees.”

“The nattering among OT Committee members that they have too much work to do, are financially drained, are trapped in the Slough of Despond, are PTS to the internet and SP’s, etc. is all case and all bank,” Delusion reminded OTC members.

“The breakthrough is more fundraising. The answer is always more fundraising.”

“The Founder said ‘solve it with Scientology’ and what is Scientology? Scientology is fundraising and therefore to be a Scientologist, to do Scientology, is to fundraise. Hence, COB RTC Mr. David Miscavige’s new stable datum is ABF:


“In 21st century Scientology,  KSW is ABF is Truth Revealed is OTIX, OTX, and OT Infinity,” declared Delusion.

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  1. COB says that ABF also stands for All-around Bankruptcy Fetish! COB David Miscavige, the world’s #1 onanist, will not rest until ALL $cientologists are bankrupt!!

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  2. It is quite obvious that amongst the OT Committees there is a tremendous amount of CICS-ing going on. If these OTs would just be OT, and enough with the CICS-ing, the glorious Valley Org would be up and running and the Church of Scientology would be able to Clear the entire LA basin. They surely must be spending way too much time CS-ing instead of making it go right because even Inglewood has its own Ideal Org and there aren’t even that many Scientologists in the area because the Way To Happiness campaigns are stalled and there are apparently other fish to fry in the area, like trying to get a decent paying job. It is really discouraging to see Hollywood overflowing with Scientology celebrities demanding services, and just down the road in Inglewood they are struggling. But, at least they are struggling in an Ideal way. The CICS-ing OTs in the Valley can’t even to that. If I ever move up the Bridge to Total Freedom far enough to be an OT, I will certainly not engage in CICS-ing. You can bet your IAS trophy on that!!!!!

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