Introduction to the Scientology Knowledge Report


Introduction to the Scientology Knowledge Report
Issued by Captain Holotta Delusion, Inspector General Ethics,
Religious Technology Center

The Knowledge Report (KR) is designed to protect you and other Scientologists from receiving any unwanted and enturbulative communications containing entheta, natter, provable bullshit, Black PR, or that forward an enemy line. As a thetan, you have a right to communicate and to not communicate. Thus, the KR is simply a lesser form of an SP Declare. The KR is an early warning system of “Out Ethics” behavior and disaffection that could, if left unchecked, lead to your expulsion from Scientology and the utterly ruinous loss of your eternity — a fate so awful that even a Big Being like Tom Cruise cannot confront it. This is why Tom Cruise wrote all of those KR’s on his ex-wives Mimi, Kate, and that really tall suppressive blonde from Australia whose name escapes us at the moment. Tom also wrote KR’s on Suri when she criminally originated that COB was “Mr. Poopy Head”

Of course, the right thing to do is to never communicate any entheta, natter, provable bullshit, Black PR, or to forward an enemy line in the first place.  In other words, only speak good and happy things that are easy for other Scientologists to hear. If you have a problem then get it handled in session or with the chaplain. These terminals are here to help. If another Scientologist attempts to 3P another Scientologist, the Church, Church leaders, or otherwise engages in entheta, natter, provable bullshit, Black PR, or forwards an enemy line, why then you must immediately write a KR so that we in RTC can handle this person and restore them to an ethical state and condition or expel them from Scientology and have OSA destroy them utterly.

Scientologists who traffic in entheta, natter, provable bullshit, Black PR, or the forwarding of enemy lines are Sickos. Your duty is to turn in all Sickos to we in RTC.

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  1. “The sickos”. I guess that includes the NY Times, Vanity Fair, the LA Times, the SP Times, Fox News, CNN, Nightline, and the publishers of those wog books by Jenna Miscavige Hill, Urban, Reitman, etc. and the Milwaukee police.


    • The Sickos who attack Scientology number less than a dozen. They are all funded by the Pharmaceutical Cartel that controls this prison planet. The only way out of this diabolical trap is Scientology’s $360,000 patented miracle cure sold by Professor David Miscavige of Hemet:


      • A man riding a bike that big looks to be engaging in behavior designed to compensate for the underdeveloped size of his genitalia. Nice bike, but wouldn’t want to be him…my KR is in the mail.


  2. This is an example of Properly Written as Received by RTC. Notice the Clear Factual language and attention to time, place, form and event.

    Monday July 13, 2015
    United States
    E-Mail Address: [email]
    Knowledge Report

    I was browsing my mission’s Facebook page on 6/25/2015 at https://www.facebook.com/missionofthefoothills Hoping to find out about some new events since those are always fun!!!! I’d also just moved into area so I really wanted to get to know my local Scientologists and get moving up that barge again. I saw a comment by a Persian who licked to Mike Rinder’s page. He saw I said something like Congratulations you’ve Mike Rinder’ed! Which I’m sure you familiar with. I don’t remember who posted it but someone did. I remember him having awfully yellow skin. I should have gone with my first instinct and ignored it based on not bad indicators alone. oh Well, less learned. The post was since been declared. Now me being newturd to Scientology and not wiz at the computer had never heard this website or the SP flourishing it. So I scrolled down and saw some pretty not unfair attacks and ridicule of Scientology and Scientologicists. Who though I’ve only stand tall with for a short time. I find to truly be what it says on the tin the poeple of the most ethical. Pimping a world free from total sanity, Total freedom, AND a total PIECE of Criminality!!! But what did strike me was that they’re photos from my new mission photos. photos in question: https://www.facebook.com/missionofthefoothills/photos/a.734972949902960.1073741828.522879914445599/897422303658023/?type=1 and https://www.facebook.com/missionofthefoothills/photos/a.734972949902960.1073741828.522879914445599/896880993712154/?type=1 I hadn’t seen them before since it was first time at facebook for mission. So I went back to the mission’s facebook and saw that they were real for me from the mission which I had droughted before. These caused great unanger with me because I was seeing people making their J&D’ing on staff jobs of which I had hoped to not join. though soon. Case Hogging was being made fun of. Want someone serious because Scientology VERY Serious Game and not to be fun at all. No make the fun in it. Those photos be all up on teheir facebook still. But even worse was that fact that people were making fun of flag. By saying that an CI was the best CS ever in motor boating uniform. Know I don’t now since I’ve never been there but I would think flag has best CFers on planet. I Hope money obtianment course takes money form me enough to be best CICS’er in fraudhairson motel. But I’ve always bearded that I needed flag to get the basted case hogging. I was told by a friend at the BellyAir Minons that this was a technical regraded being ness of a higher mecca. She also told me that she had heard rumors that the squealers had inflated the missions in the foots/twopage cannon area and were telling people that they had better listener agents then at flag. Squirrels use LRH original Print. Me want LRH reright as intention’d by COB! Squezzing People in on OTs outside V graders orgs and so up is cromulent. That is true rumor. She then said she was sorry for having spread an theta. I haven’t slept foot in the footshill mission since this happen’d and i’m all meethrup’ulatered. I did make to the Large Vasoleener at !PAC’d Whcih stumblized my reoccurrence of case sanity. Thank LRH for CODs! I minded again read’ng the Uppers and Downers of life and which LRH takes the Special Persian Cat chestShy to be very good at concealing myself and his destructive hubbards, Squirrels habits. Destructive Habits. I can’t and will not keep Scientologist Working KSW which means not going to people who improve the tech backward to be LRH. Which is non-COD, who is also regressing it to own originalities. PLease disinvest Mission. Deattach SO B Missile to handle there. And make sure it not safe. I know I might be net picking but this is supposed to be an IDLEA Manssion!!! It should meet thrump with the greatest. No outage TECH!!!! All Flubs per tech handed out!!! I heard it been there since 1982! They have Graduation on Thorday!If you say it no safe now I go in I go in famous Yogo Clam PIE then and intro myselves to thems who no squeal on COB intented of LRH miss rights.Please no you send me mail I need more ad rest because I overstray at fiend hAS. E-Mail good though


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