When Thetans Drove Chrysler’s


“1962. Except for a few Commies who had been sent in to cause trouble, everything was A-OK with Scientology.

“Back then we all smoked Kools and drove great big ol’ Chrysler’s just like Ron.

“This was the same year the so-called ‘UFO’ flew low down Main Street in broad daylight right there in front of the Kansas Org. We all knew it was a Marcab attempt to implant Kansans and bias them against Scientology.

“This, in my opinion, is when everything changed because, shortly thereafter, the FDA raided the Church.

“We in the Church of Scientology got a bad rap only because that Marcab beam ship did its deadly best and implanted the entire state of Kansas. The contagion spread and things kept getting worse.

“Now it’s probably about to get a whole lot worse.”

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  1. Talk about things getting worse, this is a photo of the otherwise empty parkinglot adjacent to the Iowa Mission, where Saff muster was occuring.
    And what happens ?
    A big motherfucker alien UFO beams up all the 13,405 staffmembers to conduct implants and rectal investigation on them.
    Only one staffmember was left alone: OSAs spokesperson for IOWA city.


  2. “Now it’s probably about to get a whole lot worse.”

    We have the most brilliant leader and skilled orator in the entire universe leading us!!!!!!!!!! If the utterly, corrupt psych-controlled media wasn’t so terrified of interviewing him, this entheta would have been handled already!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. We researchers at Farsec Alternative Group have been delving into the Iowa Incident and determined something interesting: although the appearance of the Implanters took place in Iowa, its actual target, unobserved at the time due to a lack of GAT II technology, was one state away. Is it any coincidence that, in 1962, Illinois became the first state to abolish sodomy laws thanks to recommendations by Psychs and “reformers”? No, we say.

    It was only through the efforts of LRH that legal 1.1 behavior was contained to Illinois (and helpfully kept in check through the efforts of the Chicago Org and Peoria Mission) for nearly a decade. But the Implanters were able to get the upper hand because the proper technology was not yet in place. Now, with GAT II spreading all over the world like lava from a volcano eruption, 1.1 behavior made legal will cease and stop, and we can already see the effects…

    …what do you mean, “So what about what happened on Friday?”


  4. I’m having a hard time prioritizing who we need to destroy utterly. Is there a current list anywhere? I was at the local pride parade today shouting “ONE ONE, ONE ONE” and tossing TWTH booklets into the massive crowd when a bunch of those gay wogs started peeing on me. Can I please get a new assignment?


  5. It appears that has been a Group OTXV session and only the Auditor is incomplete. All the others are now unencumbered by David Miscavige and are in orbit around target 2 looking for a parking space for their now defunct Super Duper all Powerful Quantum Mark VIII EP Meters helping LRH to get rid of the last Biggest BT that plagued him just before he blew Teegeack.


  6. Seems to me that CO$ and its “futuristic” and “cutting edge” so-called “tech” was right at home back on 1950’s-era kitchy sci-fi…but never was advanced enough to progress beyond kludgey transistors and was left far in the dust behind all the later wog tech that emerged, like email, internet, and so on…..CO$ needs to stay securely locked up in a containment facility with all its old Chryslers and goofy flying saucers….so they can regrade by themselves, undisturbed.


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