Scientology Gothic


We in the Church of Scientology are calling for an end to the madness of the internet and its incessant attacks upon religion, decency, and morality.

We in Scientology long for a return to simpler times when we could sec check people, maybe slap them around behind closed doors if they needed it, and then take their money without them running off and blathering about it all over that  degraded and filthy madhouse of sexual perversion, drugs, and entheta called the internet.

We in Scientology long for the days when OSA struck terror into the hearts of our enemies instead of what they have become now – a bunch of doddering old pantywaists who are too afraid to make a full-blooded howling charge over the ramparts to rip the throats and still-beating-hearts out of the chests of all those diseased and psych-implanted SP’s that are trying to destroy Scientology.

Folks, if you care about the good ol’ days and a return to family values, then you’ll make a donation now to the IAS to help us turn the tide. We are so close to planetary clearing and yet we need only one hundred million dollars for Fleet Admiral David Miscavige’s guaranteed secret project that will destroy the wog internet once and for all.

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    • Well you’re darned right the Psychs invented the internet! Who else would invent an electronic implanting device of this scale and magnitude? The internet is chock full of Suppressionnesses.

      And we in RTC want you to get this as a technical fact: The Suppressionnesses.of the internet can kill you on the spot just by looking at a computer screen! *POW!* Deader and more suppressed than if you eaten a 55 gallon steel drum full of Psych drugs.

      So stay away from the internet and read only RTC-approved Basics PRINTED ON PAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only RTC-approved PAPER BOOKS are safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Got it Dodo?


    • That Bill Gates is the Psych of Psychs. We know because he has never donated even one dollar to Scientology organizations. This fact alone proves Bill Gates has no desire to help Mankind.


  1. They would unleash the hounds but their best hound is now recovering from hip replacement surgery and the rest have either gone blind or are suffering from diabetes. I heard one almost died from choking on some Lego the other day. SMH


    • Times cannot be more dire than now and that is why your donations to the IAS are so vital and more urgently needed than ever before in seven-hundred million billion trillion years.


  2. I too long for the good old days before the internet came along and allowed everyone to communicate freely with anyone on any subject. Can you imagine? Oh for the days when telex was king. Those were great times when no one would be leaking OT Committee Meeting minutes to ‘Meany’ Mike Rinder so that he could post them on his scandalous blog. Tony ‘Out-Ethics’ Ortega wouldn’t be posting interviews and YouTube videos made by real Suppressive Persons that anyone could watch. Jeffery ‘Awful’ Augustine couldn’t expose genuine legal documents at the Scientology Money Project. The list goes on and on. The worst part is that regular people can actually comment and share their own experiences on these platforms. That’s totally unacceptable in a world where decent, caring, honest, ethical scientologists have rights too. The only thing we should be sharing is our success stories. Period. I mean, what else is there that’s worth sharing?

    If RTC could put together a combo telex/Mark Super X EZ Bake Hubbard Electopsychometer I would certainly be the first in line to pay top dollar for two of these. That way we could all be in secret (I mean private) communication with RTC & OSA and have our sessions monitored constantly for out-tech and get that nipped in the bud. Knowledge Reports could easily be submitted as a session is in progress and in the right hands before an auditor could say, “end of session”. Planetary, nay, gull-axe-ee clearing would be at our fingertips.


    • Ms. B, Haven, COB is so pleased with your call to action that he has appointed you with the rank of Captain (Brevet) and is sending you to our Washington DC Government Affairs Center to confront and shatter suppression and call for new laws outlawing the internet.


  3. I also long for the simple days of my childhood, when right was right and wrong was wrong, and lower conditions benevolently taught me the difference. Now, sex and perversion flood the Internet, spurting from that hose of all evil, Los Angeles. What can one religion do? The planet is lost, and too out ethics to be saved.

    Our only hope is an updated version of The Way to Happiness with the VERY FIRST precept being: AVOID THE INTERNET!!!

    This will require massive funds to allow for distribution on a planetary scale. Only then does planet Earth (or Teegeack to OTIIIs) stand a chance!

    I’m going all in, twice. How did you help?


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