The Tech Is Now 100% On-Source For the First Time!

“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE so it’s not retraining!”

“Marge, didja hear what COB just said? The Tech is 100% ON SOURCE for the first time ever! Howzabout we celebrate with a Kool? Cuz’ that’s about all we can afford these days. Marge? Did you just go unconscious?”

“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE so why don’t you just get a life and DO THE COURSE THE WAY IT SAYS TO DO IT!

“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE so it’s not retraining!”

OSA: Not Everyone Can Handle It!

“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE so it’s not retraining! DEAL WITH IT BEFORE I GET REAL ANGRY RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW BUSTER!!!

“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE? No thanks. I think I’ll stay home and read the internet and watch some basketball.


“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE? What? What day is today?


“The Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE so it’s not retraining! WTF? I want a refund of all my money!”

Hello. We were in the neighborhood and thought we'd drop by to tell that you the Tech is finally 100% ON SOURCE so it's not retraining!

Hello! We were just passing through your neighborhood and thought we’d drop by to tell that you that the last time we stopped by the Tech was not 100% ON SOURCE. But now that COB has finally gotten in 100% ON SOURCE Tech we’re finally better.”

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  1. This is wonderful news! Now there are no holds or stops on planetary clearance. Today Clearwater, tomorrow the world.

    Be warned psyches. Your reign is over and your only terminal is the local Ideal org.

    All credit to COB for finally giving us what L.Ron Haddock really intended!



  2. (thumbing through hundreds and hundreds of pages)….THE WAIT IS OVER!!!!!!! Every single Policy, Bulletin, Routing Form, Dictionary, Tech Vols, and Green Vols is now 100% STANDARD – as LRH wanted!!!!

    HIP HIP….


  3. I thought I remembered hearing the same thing multiple times in the past, but I guess that must be implanted memories from previous lives. I obviously need more auditing to correct the problem. Thanks to COB for fixing things. Where do I sign up?


  4. Will the finally 100% on Source tech be known as the Platinum Age of Tech and everyone who purchases it be called PATsies? Some of my wog friends told me I was a complete chump before I disconnected from them! I want to show them I’m not a chump by becoming a PATsy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Praise to the all holy COB who has saved us all from the bumblings of that L Ron Hubbard guy, you know, the idiot who could not write or research worth a damn.


  6. Wow! Great news! I guess this is finally the time to go back, do my A to E steps and go up the Bridge for REAL! Man, oh man, I hope I make it to Total Freedom this time! Anyone want to twin on A to E with me?


  7. My reality is that it’s better than 100% on source. I feel source oozing from every pour of my meat walker. There is an overwhelming urge to search and destroy all enemies of our source. Thanks and praise to be to COB for what LRH could not do.


  8. Finally after all these years, true 100% Standard Tech. I feel much better now with great comfort.

    Do I really have to buy 2 new Quantum Route to Infinity E-meters that do a better job of detecting release points on ones progress to spiritual freedom with a GAT 4 requirement of a 4 swing FN to make it to OT whatever?


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