Narconon Declared a Suppressive Activity and Group!


Social Betterment Dictator Igor Bludoggian

Social Betterment Dictator Mr. Igor Bludoggian today declared Narconon a suppressive activity and group.

“The disgusting and filthy group of Psych-infested wholetrack criminals known as Narconon has brought the  Church of Scientology and Captain David Miscavige into wide disrepute and legal problems,” Bludoggian stated.

“The hammer has dropped:   Narconon will be disposed of quietly and without sorrow!”

“As a consequence of Narconon being cast into the outer darkness,  Captain Miscavige is realigning the entire social betterment sector of Scientol0gy into a harmonious and unified vision called Voice For Humanity. Further details will be announced by Captain Miscavige at the upcoming IAS event which will be held at the Denny’s on Sunset Boulevard near the Ideal Pacifica Base.”


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  1. So then, evidently all those wins from redoing the Purif several times were just mocked up. Hmmm…suppose the next thing you’ll tell us is the grey gunk oozing from our pores wasn’t actually drug residue being washed out of our fatty tissues.

    With a proven success rate of 97%, how could Narconon be psych infested? COB is on record many times extolling its virtues. Sometimes, it’s confusing being a loyal Scientologist.


    • There is no confusion here. As done in the Churches of Scientology, the GAT II Purif is 100% safe and effective. However, Narconon squirrled the Purif technology it licensed from ABLE along with everything else. This squirreling was due to an intense Psych-Infestation that we in RTC discovered following a lengthy investigation of ABLE. There will be more heads on pikes justice actions in the weeks and months to come.


      • Thank you for that clarification sir. Due to my going past a misunderstood in this blog post I was momentarily befuddled and in a state of despair. I thought that I might be deprived of the opportunity to once again do a Purif and miss out on my favorite daily treat of washing down a handful of vit-uh-mins with a tall, cool, refreshing glass of Cal-Gag and All-Blend Oil.


  2. Once again our brilliant leader Captain Miscavige has taken decisive action to save our beloved church from squirrels and suppressive elements like the psychs and the 5th invader fleet!

    Let us celebrate with a rousing theta rendition of “Trust And Obey COB” from the Scientology hymnal!


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