IAS Donations Give 47x More Case Gain Than Auditing!


Sea Org Commander Svetlana Yuriev

RTC Commander Svetlana Yuriev of the IAS Upgraded Patrons Yabbering Organization United R6’ers (IAS UP YOURS) today reminded all Scientologists of the single most vital planetary-changing datum:

“IAS Donations give 47x more case gain than auditing.”

“This is an actual technical fact,” stated Commander Yuriev. “Research has shown that donations to the IAS increase case gain 47x, which is to say IAS donations blow away all Bridge actions including the so-called GAT II stuff.”

Commander Yuriev emphasized this point: “COB RTC David Miscavige’s research has conclusively proven that the 5,000 IJC justice actions conducted since 2002 all share one common overt. In 100% of all justice actions, the  failure to donate in sufficient magnitude to the IAS and the failure to regularly increase one’s IAS Patron status resulted in an out ethics situations that led to Suppressive Persons Declares and/or beatings.”

“In other words,” Commander Yuriev declared, “If you want real case gain, then stop wasting time on the Church of Scientology Bridge and start increasing your IAS Patron status now! We in the IAS are, after all, so much better than the Church and all of its Psych-infested Ideal Org dramatizations!”


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  1. I am so glad someone is finally releasing this information beyond DIV 6. I remember back when I was on OT 7 and I could not get past the meter saying I had BTs in my arm. After increasing my status from patron to silver meritorious not only did the meter show the bts in my arm were gone, but I got a letter to go straight on to OT 8 from Flag! Many too can experience strong case gains by just taking that check for your next course, and giving it to the IAS. They are counting on us!


  2. COB RTC is demonstrating once again, his finally honed business marketing skills and zeitgeist.

    No matter how successful your product was, as for example telex machines and mimeograph devices, once no one wants them anymore then you must introduce something new.

    Scientology courses, though popular at the end of the last century, have no appeal in the modern world of selfies, limited attention span and Kardashian envy. What people want now are handsome certificates, elegant trophies and group applause.

    With COB at the helm Scientology will continue its unparallelled expansion and soon circumcise the globe.



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