New Church of Scientology Ad Campaign for Fall 2014


“The Church of Scientology’s new ad campaign for Fall 2014 is based upon a popular internet meme,” Church spokesman Ken Delusion announced during his daily press briefing at the Scientology One News Bureaux.

“The theme of the ad is simple: Wogs are stupid.”

“We are using this theme as we in the Church of Scientology doctrinally maintain that wogs, or non-Scientologists,  are stupid. Wogs are all hypnotized, asleep, dead-in-the-head robots who are generically stupid.”

“We also call wogs homo saps.

“The only cure for wog stupidity is a few hundred thousand dollars worth of Scientology courses and training,” Delusion remarked.

“This new Church of Scientology ad is sure to boom the Orgs by driving in millions of wogs who don’t want to keep on being stupid.  We in Scientology are in the IQ-raising business after all,” spokesman Delusion concluded.

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  1. Now that every city, in every country of the world, on all 27 continents has a glorious Idle Org – there is really no excuse for any degraded being aka homo sap to to remain being a stupid wog. Everyone is welcome! Anyone who refuses to be de-wogified, will be shipped to Wogeville, capital of Wogistan. ML.


  2. As I have been saying since time immemorial–Wogs Suck. I mean how much valuable time must we spend talking about these DBs? Onward and upward to Clear and Beyond with or without wogs!


  3. Brilliant. I am glad, that wogs have not been asked in really find out surveys for this campaign. With their stupid answers, we could have never come up with this ideal „stupid“-button.


  4. For anything I can’t sell (for my future donations), I am throwing away everything I have that the stupid wogs have made. Well, maybe except for my home, car, clothes, bed, TVs, computers, phone, lawn/yard equipment, etc. Ah, fuck it, I’ll just join the Sea Org. They make and supply all those things, right?


  5. I’m not sure about this new ad campaign OTVIII. Calling wogs stupid is a bit harsh isn’t it? Suppose they take offence. Shouldn’t we be a bit more civil? I mean the last thing we want is for those stupid bastards to get angry at us.


  6. Wogan are indeed stupid…so much so, they J&D the Operating Thetan brilliance of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn about a science fiction writer’s space opera fantasy.

    Only a wog would watch Battlefield Earth and laugh. Only wogs consider the absurdity of H-bombing volcanoes that weren’t even volcanoes when the DC-8 space planes dropped their loads.

    One supposes only wogs see through the mind fuck that is Scientology.

    Poor wogs…no fake medals or super sized bowling trophies for them….how could they be so stupid?


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