Church of Scientology Medal of Honor


Captain David Miscavige is pleased to announce the striking of the highest medal of donation in the Scientology ecclesiastical hierarchy of medals of donation.

CDM.10The new Church of Scientology Medal of Honor will be personally  awarded by Captain Miscavige to Scientologists for all conspicuous donations above $25,000 to the Ideal Org program.

This means giving without fear in the face of certain financial danger to one’s self in order to pay for some more buildings.

The new Church of Scientology Medal of Honor is a companion medal to the new $10,000 Anzac Medal issued by the Church.

Captain David Miscavige will soon be releasing the IAS Silver Star as well as the Dianetics Victoria Cross for heroic donations. Scientologists are encouraged to collect the entire set medals for conspicuous donationry.


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  1. Oooh a new shiny Scientology trinket to acquire. This is even better than a limited edition foil commendation!

    My havingness just went into straight up and vertical affluence – getting out the credit cards now sir!!!


  2. Some evil, and might I add, ignorant people keep insisting that The Church of Scientology is out exchange. Looking at that beautiful gold MEDAL OF HONOR, created by COB himself, proves how very wrong they are!

    I myself would be delighted to be personally awarded such a conspicuous medal by Captain Miscavige himself and would feel that I had gotten all the exchange anyone could ever want in this universe.

    Just the thought of him perhaps touching my hand in the act sends thrilling chills down my spine and I would never ever want to wash my hand again! This would all be more than abundant exchange for me!!!


  3. Wonderful news! Are then any updates on the availability of the Cult Of $cientology Action Figures? Will they be available in time for Christmas?

    I’m told that there is a splendid set of David Miscavige beating up on Mark Rathbun. I gotta get that one, but it’s probably a limited edition.

    I am so looking forward to the Lisa McPherson Action Figure. Apparently, it comes with a coffin and numerous lovely outfits that one can dress the Lisa Action Figure with. Do Want!


    • Sorry, but as you’re likely aware, there is only one action figure available, since there is only one significant figure in the “Church”. There’s Pope David I in full papal vestaments, as well as Fleet Admiral Miscaviage in his handsome full dress blues with 24K gold plated piping. There is also the Ideal Org “Chairman” collection featuring replicas not only of each of the many Ideal Orgs, but also a replica COB at his podium in a suit before the assembled multitudes.

      The criminal apostate collection was discontinued due to their inherent suppressiveness, not to mention the collection had grown too numerous to display. My fave was the “Blown For Good” model shown being run off the road on his motorcycle. The hardest figure to find is of course the “Shelly”. Don’t know that it has been spotted in years.

      It has been suggested a POS collection be assembled to include Cruise, Travolta, and Cardone, e.g., but this takes away from the only reason people flock to Scientology. Consider that while it all began before he was born, it took one David Miscaviage to transform the deluded blatherings of a third rate Sci-fi author into the money making machine that is today’s Cult of Scientology.

      The writing on each action figure says it all, “Praise be to COB”.


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