Try Scientology For 30 Days Free in Your Own Home!

KT.FreeHello, my name is Kevin Trudeau and I want to introduce you to the most exciting space-age religion out there today and, yes, I’m talking about Scientology!

Scientology is so good they don’t want you to know its secrets — and that’s why I’m practically giving Scientology away for free! I want you to know the secrets they don’t want you to know!

I’m so confident that Scientology is the best product out there that RTC and me have teamed up to make you this special television offer: Try Scientology for 30 days free in your home!

Call now and I’ll ship you my exciting Scientology Starter Kit that includes a book, three miracle CD’s, and even an authentic pair of “Top Gun” style aviator sunglasses. Call within the next ten minutes and I’ll even throw in a free RTC burlwood pen! That’s right: A free RTC burlwood pen!

If, at the end of 30 days, you’re not 100% convinced that Scientology is the best product out there why then just ship it back to me for a full refund! What have to got to lose except your reactive mind?

Disclaimer:$7995 must be paid in full when ordering. Refund request must be made via IASA, Curacao, Netherland Antilles. IASA reserves the sole and exclusive right to deny refund requests or to delay refunds for up to ten calendars years. Parties agree to submit to binding arbitration by IAS in the event of a dispute. Complainant pays all costs of IAS arbitration. A restocking charge of $12,000 USD will be billed to customer’s credit card upon return.

8 responses to “Try Scientology For 30 Days Free in Your Own Home!

  1. Oh My Xenu! I laughed out loud! I hope David Miscavige gets the same judge as Kevin when his time comes.


  2. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Shhh! Don’t give him any ideas!


  3. This is such a good offer all loyal Scientologists should buy at least 10 of them and give them to their wog friends!!!!!!!


  4. A free Burlwood Pen! Sign me up and I’ll avoid the $12,000 dollar restocking fee by paying the $7995 fee up front. Such a deal!!!!!!


  5. Watch the Scientology criminals file another lawsuit claiming copyright violations. They are that fucking dumb.


  6. Wow! That’s a great deal! I’m trying to catch my breath here. Does that include brainwashing–er auditing? Please rush that burlwood pen to me and attached find my contribution to Project Mouse Table! This is exciting, how soon can I start? Can I go clear in 30 days? You have such a great offer, I just know you must be nice people!


  7. Fuck you stupid


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