Global Fair Game Emergency Declared by Captain Miscavige!

TSAR.DAVE“Due to extreme suppression of unprecedented magnitudes, Captain David Miscavige has declared a Global Fair Game Emergency,” exclaimed Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

“What this means,” Delusion emphasized, “is that ‘top-of-the-bridge make-it-go-right kamikaze‘ OT’s and OSA are to dramatically expand Fair Game attacks upon all SP’s, Psychs, Marcabian agents, Anons, Indies, haters, and the New World Order that wants to take guns away from we Scientologists!”

“Because Scientology is winning,” Delusion explained, “the Psychs are in their death throes and savagely fighting back like the wounded, dying, and cornered animals they are! They all need to be disposed of quietly and without sorrow!”

“As described by the Founder in our scriptures, Fair Game is defined as follows:

SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property 
or injured by any means by any Scientologist 
without any discipline of the Scientologist. 
May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

LRH:jp                         L. RON HUBBARD
Copyright (c) 1967             Founder

TOP SECRET OSA Network Order 15 is also in effect:


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  1. Well, that explains your idiotic fair gaming of Leah Remini. Fair gaming a famous person is not very bright, as there will be tons of bad publicity. Don’t you miss people like Mike, Marty and Karen, who would have advised you against such things?


  2. And may I remind all Scientologists that proper fair gaming on a global scale requires a massive amount of wherewithal? In this, our leader of leader’s greatest time of need, it is of the utmost importance that you move up in IAS status immediately – no exceptions!

    And then once done make it go right to move up to the next status! Do it for Captain Miscavige!!!


  3. Good news OTVIII!
    We in OSA take a clue from our brethren the Taliban.
    We want to set an example to the religious community,our motto at we in OSA is “a beating a day goes a long way”.


  4. This is GREAT news!!! What we are witnessing is our COB taking responsibility on a grand scale! I think every Scientologist needs to realize that there can be no actual delivery of The Bridge to Total Freedom until every single SP across the globe – or anyone below 2 on The Tone Scale for that matter – is eradicated and disposed of quietly and without sorrow, according to our founder´s instructions. Then, and only then, can we proceed moving up the Bridge!

    In this sense, The Church of Scientology could learn much from The Taliban! They are the true Scientologists of the world, following LRH´s words about “Fair Game” and “The Price of Freedom” to the letter – seeing that they are constantly alert and willing to fight back. I heard COB awarded The Freedom Medal to thousands of Talibans for their heroic fight for the implementation of “right thinking” and freedom for all. – And rightly so!!!

    As a consequence there can be no discussion that everyone needs to make a BIG donation NOW in support of our COB and his global, heroic effort on our behalf!!!!


  5. Can we bring back burning SPs at the stake? If there was ever an appropriate time it is now. We could make them into fundraising events and the little ones could even toast marshmallows. It would be so theta!!!


  6. Since I’m on that list in four different categories (and being a University of Chicago graduate, the New World Order thing is also in play), does that mean I get four separate OSA handlings? This is important since I want to be sure to schedule each handling separately so that OSA agents aren’t tripping all over themselves trying to Fair Game me. It just wouldn’t do for one of them to claim that I molest little girls and for another to tell everyone that I’m a gay slut, especially when only one of those is correct.

    As long as you’ve got the schedule thing sorted out, bring it, bitches.


  7. I wonder if this means all of the old GO staff is supposed to come out of hiding and help in the Fair Game . . . Wait, they’ve fair gamed them to the point they’d be liabilities. Never mind.


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