Church of Scientology International 2011 – Book Value: $790,758,896

“In the interest of financial transparency,” declared Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, “I myself have ordered Church of Scientology tax filings to be published on this official blog.”


Comrade Dr. Frank Wonderman, CO Ethics and Image

“These documents prove the fact that Captain David Miscavige has plenty of money at his disposal for lawyers, private investigators, private jet charters, and other very expensive projects such as renovating future Ideal Orgs which presently sit vacant and empty, their promise afar off.”

“In this first filing we see the Church of Scientology International’s 990-T 2011 book value at $790,758,896.00.

In the next document we will post soon, the 2012 990-T book value of the Flag Service Organization is $209,655,686. More data will be coming to our readers very soon.

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  1. While this may seem to be a large amount of money it’s hardly enough to purchase a suitable spacecraft to reach target 2. And I for one am looking forward to launching Slappy, er… COB, into space.

    Dig deep people and move up in status today!


  2. This papers has numbers and words on it and I think that is OK. Thanks you very much Mr. Wonderbread have a good day


  3. So there you have it: STRAIGHT UP UP UP and VERTICAL!!!

    And the church just keeps on and on and on flourishing and prospering with our COB at the helm! During his reign, the church has expanded 50,000 times more than it ever did, while Hubbard was around. – Very telling indeed!!!

    The SP´s and psychs are going berserk now!!!


  4. *Forgive the non J&D comment*


    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    And Thank you.

    For all that you have and continue to do.

    I hope one day I can I repay your efforts in kind.

    You deserve all the good karma there is to have.




  5. Scientology truly makes the able more able!!! It’s good to see how powerful the financial ability of the most able being on the planet, our Dear Leader, has become!!!!!


  6. Phewwww! Speechless. Not at the figures — that was a given, that this money-machine cult has lots and lots of tax-free money. It’s the exposure of these dox that blows me away. I have always loved you, OTVIIIisGrrr8! — and here’s another reason to tip my hat to you. As Tom Cruise would say, this is just …. sphhhhhheeeeewww! Wow! Thank you for this. Sincerely.

    Poor David. His skin must be crawling with paranoia, knowing that none of his secrets are really safe anymore. When even you in the RTC are publishing this kind of stuff, he has nowhere to hide. No wonder he called me this morning, crying and incoherent. He’s scared. He should be. Eventually, reporters will start asking questions, and the IRS will come knocking.

    In the long run, it’ll be good for him. No one should be as spoiled and pampered as David has been his whole life. It degrades the character and makes a person corrupt and weak. I told him, consider it a purification rundown for your bank account as well as your thetan — the more you sweat, the better off you’ll be in the end. He hung up on me. How rude! Next time I see him, I’m going to spank his bratty butt.


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