Denise Miscavige Success Story: Super Power Saved Me. Thank You COB.


IAS Patron Cannabis Sativius and OT Denise Miscavige is not just COB’s twin sister, she is the newest Super Power completion at Flag!

As she writes in her Super Power success story, Denise had monster blowout wins on the new Super Power Rundown:

“I. Am. Blown. Fifty feet. Out of my head. All of my perceptics have expanded to encompass all of the counties in Florida, the Tri-State area, and even as far away as South Carolina!

“Thanks to Super Power, I can now echo locate in the dark like a bat. This is a great help when I need to meet a vendor at 2:00 AM in a dark alley somewhere.


“In Super Power I rehabilitated my perceptic of gravity. My reality on gravity is BOOM! It’s there. Gravity is fully in with me.

“Unlike wogs who dramatize gravity, I am now causitively choosing to be held to the Earth by my postulate as a thetan. No longer at the effect of gravity like wogs, I am at cause over gravity.

GPB_circling_earth“I can have gravity. My havingness on gravity is self-determined and is in affluence. I have never had as much gravity as I have now.

“And the same goes for compass direction. As a proud Super Power completion, I now know with certainty the differences and similarities in north, south, east, and west. I no longer wander aimlessly around in circles.

“I had a major cog in Super Power that compass directions are anchor points in space that I put out as a thetan. As a Scientologist, if I drive by an accident not only am I the only one who can help, but I am also the only one who has certainty on the compass direction of the accident.

compass-rose“Compass direction is no longer something I have to think-think-figure-figure about.

“If I want to go south BOOM! I go south with no Q&A, no HE&R, no reactive mind or the bank of others telling me to go west or east.

“And crashing into parked ambulances? That is a thing of the past for me.  The why is because I can echo locate like a bat and am cause over gravity and compass direction.

“So if you’re stalled in life like I was, then go to Flag and begin Super Power!

“Thank you COB!”

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  1. I’m so happy she is doing better! Another one saved!

    I heard that her abilities gained were actually much greater than these, but she pleaded to a lesser success.

    They should let her out of DUI school for this.


    • ivanmapother, you make a great point: A marriage between Tom Cruise and Denise Miscavige would indeed serve to firm up the somewhat frayed ties between COB and Tom.

      It would also make for huge headline: Movie star marries the sister of the world’s most important ecclesiastical leader, i.e the Pope of the Scientology religion.

      Accordingly, we in RTC will order Denise to dump her current 2D, make her do the new GAT drug rundown and Purif, and generally rehab her in time for a June wedding complete with a giant cake in the shape of the new Super Power Building.

      This is for the greatest good.


  2. denise i no u r reading this i wayed the bag wen i got home it was 5 grams short ur crappy pre pay phone doesnt get texts well u still owe me this is not cool


    • Well i think they call its superpower for a reason.And i say good onto her and her crazy abilities gained, i bet she could now find a dealer just about anywhere with her ot abilities and compass sense. Just by simply walking outside. Also i think so what if a prominent Scientologist wants to use a little ganja, don’t most of us. I think she should have an interview with high times or something to publicizre this. Scientologys drug restrictions are positvely arcance, and i’m sure COB does a lot of coke, just look at him, She is a good lady in my book.


  3. Good cheers to all scientologists in good standing, all others can go to xenu hell the crazy mother fuckers.

    They can rot in ego hell the fucking mother fuckers. David Miscavige deserves respect so anyone who isn’t David Miscavige is a fucking cunt.


  4. Damn, you’re funny. I read this in a coffee house and had to go outside because I was laughing so hard that people were staring. One of my personal gains is that I can now tell “humor” when I see it, just BOOM, I get the “joke.” And I’ll tell people all about it as soon as I’m sure I’m right.


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