Church of Scientology Now Offering the Super Power Levitation Rundown

Way back on the wholetrack, levitation was something we could all routinely do. Levitation was in fact how the pyramids were built. But then something happened — and we all lost our Super Powers.

Well, the days of not being able to levitate people and objects are over thanks to the new Flag only Super Power Levitation Rundown.

Reserve your spot today!


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  1. “But then something happened — and we all lost our Super Powers.”

    “Some people had levitated, some had seen through solid matter, and others had gone outside of their body with full perception of where they were. When the Russians failed to hire Hubbard, they broke in his home, stole the material, and altered the techniques to begin the Russian mind control programs with the USA doing the same later.

    And, why is Peter Boyle attacking Sleeping Beauty?


  2. “Super Power Levitation Rundown” – you mean the “SP Leviathan Rundown”?
    (Where you feel super heavy and need lots of sec-checks and o/w write-ups to feel better?) It is the basic power a thetan had to acquire in order to not float away from the planet because of lack of gravitational and magnet pull.



      In Present Time, none of that old Tech will save you.

      Salvation is attainable only by increasing one’s IAS status. This is the only means to prevent the vacuum of space from sucking one way out there into invisibility and unconsciousness.

      Only the IAS is Real.

      Come closer and touch your screen as a point of faith contact with COB.

      Send COB a love gift now! Do it!


    • scientology411, levitation is of course only one part of the Scientology art of making other people’s money disappear.

      Once we make their money disappear we raise their necessity level to get more money and so — Hocus Pocus! — they must get more money to give us.

      Like the old Indian rope trick, this one also works every time!


  3. If thetans hadn’t been parts in a bluff they had got the overall picture of the scam and not been limited in their thinking.

    What is a human beings I?

    A thetan, a part in a bluff, or is a human beings I the whole world?


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