No You May Not Have a Copy of Your SP Declare

1506501_10152456701933332_1506564895_nWe in RTC are often badgered by bitter defrocked apostates for actual paper copies of their goldenrod declares.

This will never happen so don’t even ask.

We in RTC know the cunning of newly-declared SP’s.

We know that SP’s will run to the internet and post their SP declares for the entire world to see.

This is totally Out PR.X

An SP Declare is a private matter between the Church and a former parishioner. Frankly, an SP Declare is a “Badge of Shame” and yet SP’s treat it as if it were some sort of war trophy to wave around on the internet and whoop it up like it getting declared was a big joke.

An SP Declare is meant to be a dark, black, end-of-the-world curse. It is not treated as such by modern SP’s. This is a problem and so we quit handing out SP Declares. We keep SP Declares in HCO’s in locked cabinets, We only remove them to secretly to Scientologists in good standing. Moreover, SP’s Declares are shown only upon demand – and then only specific declares are shown on demand. No one gets to know everyone who has been declared. That is too much data.

techWe in RTC also do not want the public to know how many people have been declared SP’s. But we can tell you this: The Church has 12,000,000 members and 2.5% are SP’s, thus there are at least 300,000 SP’s running loose and enturbulating us on the internet.

Then again, every SP alleges that his or her SP Declare contains false data. This is untrue because, by it’s very nature, an SP Declare can only be true as it contains only facts.

Moreover, we in RTC realize that any “acceptable truth” we place on an SP Declare could be grounds for a lawsuit against Mr. Miscavige. Given the stable datum of “Don’t get COB named in a lawsuit” we refuse to hand out SP’s Declares as a way to avoid lawsuits.

We in RTC don’t want toxic SP’s to get anywhere near COB, particularly these days when GAT II has boomed the Church to highest-ever-highest-evers and COB is opening fifteen new Ideal Orgs each week.

So no, you may not have a copy of your SP Declare.


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  1. OT8, haven’t you heard?

    The Big Pharma’s are handing out Medal of Valor awards to all Ex-scio’s whom can produce an SP Declare on themselves. These awards are better than COS medals, they actually come with cash awards of $5,000 and $10,000.

    Even a mere threat letter from the COS attorneys earns a Freedom Award with a cash award of $1500 and up.

    How can POS compete with that?


  2. SP Declare is a serious business.
    Any SP found to be laughing at their SP declare, will be issued a second SP declare. And no, they will not be shown it either. One has to earn the right to see their ecclesiastical SP declare.


    • And it gets worse than this DodoTheLaser: Some Scientologists who, wanting to be “cool” or “hip” these days have claimed that they were declared — when in fact they were not declared.

      Actual investigation reveals that these “Phony SP’s” just simply ran out of money, and, rather than admitting to being downstat and broke, they claimed to have been declared and to have never received their SP Declare.

      Two things are happening here:

      1. These people are exploiting the loophole in RTC policy to not hand out SP Declares. They are doing so to, as we said, to appear “cool” or “hip” out there on the internet.

      2. These people prove that it is worse for a Scientologist to admit to being broke and downstat than to admit to being an SP.


  3. Furthermore it is a known data stat that perverted wogs masturbate to the prescious ecclesiastical Declare Letters.

    One known apostate was caught attempting to enturbulate RTC stationary by fashioning an hour’s worth of declares into a “wog porn mag”.

    The 2,678 page magazine had the brazenness to state “We Have The Fu#%ing Rank to Wank”.

    As we all know, only COB has the rank to be a wanker.


  4. All SPs who are so unbelievable suppressive to publish their SP orders, PROVE by their actions that they were declared SPs correctly. Only an SP behaves like an SP!

    We all know that good SPs stick to the cult rules. Bad SPs don’t. It is in their favour that the cult does not hand out the Goldenrods anymore. So they can remain good SPs.

    The Geneva Convention accepted the request of Co$ in 2007 and added the non-publish paragraph for SP orders (NPPFSPO).


  5. This just makes the realization that some person, somewhere, can make a “declare” or statement, to try and purposely harm and exclude another person. How could anyone (even me) feel that this matters??????
    Be well all, and love this site.


  6. Oh how these joking and degrading haters infuriate me so! COB only issues declares as an absolute last resort and out of pure love for his flock. His only wish is for his prodigal children to come to their senses and recant their misdeeds. According to reliable reports from within RTC COB is often heard weeping in the bathroom after issuing an SP declare. COB truly cares that much about our eternal salvation!

    And what do these newly declared SPs do? Report to the IJC and make a sizable donation to the IAS to make up the damage they have done? Oh no – they flock to the internet to proudly display their disgraceful status and mock COB in an effort to make him cry even more.

    Absolutely disgraceful!


      • CO-INCIDENTALLY; i JUST FOUND MY COPY OF my PTS TYPE C DECLARE! Dated September 24, 2003. Such fun!
        I guess it is worth trying to clean up a mess of paper accumulating all of these years. Let me know is you want the entire thing quoted. Be well and happy New Year and many more with good health and freedom to all.


  7. I tried to apply Tech, maybe a polite CSW let them send my declare? So far no answer:

    Continental Justice Chief
    Andrea Albrecht

    Berlin, September 9, 2013

    Situation: I have been member of the Church of Scientology for almost 30 years and I still did not receive my SP-Declare although I cancelled my membership last October.

    While being on staff I had outstanding results like constant highest evers and power conditions. On my last post in Berlin idle Org I had 108 weeks affluence and all I got were some lousy commendations. (Attached are 117 Commendations, including from ED HAN, ED MUN, ED BRLN, LC EU, LC INT, CO CLO et al)

    While being a public I advanced my status regularly. IAS, Super Power, Idle Org etc, but all I got were some lousy T-Shirts. Since I can now afford food and I gained weight the shirts do not even fit anymore.

    While being a volunteer for the Translation Unit I translated more the 10.000 pages, all I got were some lousy awards. I cannot use the Training Awards, as they won’t let me in. Ooops!

    I never complaint and did not agree with the Mest Universe. To be honest, who dares to ask for pay or such profane things like food when the earth is at stake?

    Issue an SP-Declare for one of your most dedicated followers in order to bring in at least some exchange.



  8. Well, now, I will take up the fight. According to relevant German “Datenschutzbestimmungen” (data-protection provisions) every consumer has the right to get information about the stored data in every company. I will ask very polite, but I’m prepared to sue them. I want my data cancelled or at least know what is stored.
    Stay tuned, everybody, this will be fun! Maybe we can file a class action?
    Who is with me?
    BTW, do you have the f**cking rank to turn down my CSW? LOL!


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