The Church of Scientology Asks: Can We Ever Be Friends?

We in RTC are ordering all Scientologists to buy at least 50 copies of this special new Book & Cassette package in time for the holidays!

These vital new materials are guaranteed to make your family and friends accept your enthusiastic, and often irrational, participation in the Church of Scientology!

Canwebefriends 001Canwebefriends 002

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  1. Mmmm… I don’t know. I think I need more persuasion. The last time I took someone’s guarantee on Faith – I got stuck with a Bridge to Nowhere. Know what I mean?


  2. I was going to buy it, but I asked a salesman about a cassette player so I could round out the package when I gave them as gifts to my friends and family and he laughed at me.

    It must be some new fangled technology that the wog world has not yet invented??? Is there any possible way for me to purchase multiple cassette players from RTC in order to give this gift to my family and friends. With the cost of emeters at 5,400 each, perhaps you sell these players for a thousand or so each?


  3. Those deluded wogs celebrating their implanted false prophet’s birthday.

    Every good standing non-enturbulated operating thetan knows there’s only one true profit and one true profiteer:

    COBBER$ Mc$horty A$$.


  4. The problem with non-Scientologists is that they lack the communication skills and madeupwordiness that Cobbers possesses.

    Their lack of perceptive oiliness and cognitive winniness shows just how lossiness all wogs and SP”””’s are.

    The downstat naturness of these Xenu-loving Wogginess creatures is notwithstandingness of the furthermoreiness of the apostate-iness data that all upstanding in-good-standing-ness misunderestimates.

    Every one knows without the tech, those stupid non operating thetans are nothing more than unwordiness””s’ non-word cleared s’tupid-head’s.

    What did a wog school ever create beyond a Stalin and a Hitler?
    Cobbers S’cientology created Battlefield Earth and fuck know’s that’s more than those wog’s will ever accomplis’h. They could never clear a wordiness thing. S’hit bag’s that they are”””””.


  5. WTF!?? The booklet’s cover is an R6 implant restim device!!

    One has to love the irony of the booklet’s cover – a full blown cut/paste/copy of Michelangelo’s “Creation” from the ceiling of the Cistine Chapel.


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