Church of Scientology Leader Applauds Duck Dynasty’s Homphobia

062413DuckDynastyRobertsons69AW.jpg“We in the Church of Scientology applaud the anti-gay attitudes of Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson,” said Church spokesman Ken Delusion.

“Indeed,” Delusion noted, “1.1’s, or homosexuals, are not allowed in the Church of Scientology.”

“Moreover, in a legal case many years ago,” Delusion remarked, “and this is found in case file RTC v Ward, C96-20271-RMW, Docket 516, Exhibit C,” Delusion pointed out, “COB RTC David Miscavige stated his aversion to sodomy, this as shown in the transcript.”

Henson: Actually — okay, you’re objection is — let’s see what else I can find

Miscavige: This is your TR’s again?

Ward: TR 1.1

Henson: RTC —

Miscavige: Wait a second, I’d like to note for the record that Mr. Ward here, said he was doing TR 1.1. And I would just like that noted here. That is probably not understandable to someone who is not a Scientologist, but it is definitely an attempt to demean the Religion of Scientology and I’d like that noted for the record. This TR 1.1 refers to a writing by Graham Berry, where he states that he will start up a 1.1 club, including, qualifications for this for non-homosexuals, is that there will be a public buggering of the leaders of Scientology. Buggering of course I think you know that it refers to sodomy and that is I understand what the 1.1 club is. I think that’s what Mr. Ward was stating that in reference to. I’d also like to state for the record. I believe I’ve taken about a minute to state that and I’m willing to give them an extra minute so that it doesn’t come off their time.


Church Leader Miscavige: “No 1.1’s are allowed in the Church of Scientology!”

Yingling: Mr. Ward this is not —

Ward: I’m sorry, I do get to respond to that ma’am. He’s accusing me of accusing him of vile words which he has put into the record, which I am shocked that he would put such vile words into the record. But for the record, I’m just looking at him. And he’s the one that asked me what I’m doing and he just said this is TR something. So of course, since I know how much Scientologists are fond of humorous situations, I gave him a humorous answer and I have no idea what he’s talking about Graham Berry’s and other vile words that he said which I’m glad I didn’t put on the record, as he did.

Miscavige: Just so we have a record here and I don’t care to engage in argument and I’d like the record to reflect that we’ve probably both been quite cordial with each other. But in reference to that, as Mr. Ward states, he has no idea what I’m referring to, the reason I was lead to believe that he would know about this is because Mr. Ward – I have seen postings from him, describing the various sexual acts that he has me engaged with various male members of the Scientology Religion, attorneys and so forth. And again, I won’t state here what that is, but he has already been ruled to be disgusting by the judge.

Hart: and let the record reflect that both Mr. Henson and Mr. Ward are snickering

Ward: Let the record that William M. Hart is not well shaved and he looks like a ruffian and is causing a disruption of the deposition.

Henson: I had no idea that TR0 had anything to do with this, You learn something new every day

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  1. This is a HUGE win for the church and the POS. A&E and the liberal intelligentsia has adopted Scientology tech to the point of copyright infringement.

    A&E “Fair gamed” Phil Robertson for expressing his opinion, which ran counter to that of the “enlightened” intelligentsia, who demand we have an open mind, but quickly castigate and shun us for failing to march in lock step with their beliefs.

    The irony is delicious.


  2. BWHAHAHAHAH!!! Is THIS what we get to look forward to in the Monique Rathbun depositions? Oh this will be delicious.

    1. Justice must be served, first and foremost for Mrs. Rathbun.
    2. Oh the lulz…the sweet lulz.


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