The Future of the Scientology Tent in Clearwater, Florida

COB’s giant IAS circus tent. Photo by SP Sunny Sands.

COB RTC David Miscavige’s giant circus tent has served its epic, incredible, and planetary-changing destiny as the launching pad of GAT II.

GAT II is now screaming into outer space towards Ideal Org Arcturus. A scant 36.66 light years from Teegeeack, Ideal Org Arcturus will soon be COB’s new home.

GAT II is now in highest ever affluence and is in a straightup-verticalness that has shocked even NASA.

COB’s giant circus tent will next host the IAS Gala.

When all of the Epicness is finished, COB’s giant circus tent will become a Church for profit-business.

Diamond Dave’s Pawn Shop will put the lie to the local claims that the Church of Scientology is bad for business in Downtown Clearwater.


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  1. “Welcome to Dave’s Pawn Shop, how may we help you?”

    “Thanks, do you guys accept trades here? I’m looking to swap my critical thinking skills for some awful science fiction.”


    • Crypto-Scientologist Will Smith pawned his career a few months back in After Earth, so yes Scientologist Tom Cruise can also pawn his career — especially if he keeps making the same old tiresome Space Opera Armageddon films!


  2. OTVIIIisGrrr8, you’ve topped yourself this time. This is freaking hilarious!

    Will the church be utilizing Diamond Dave’s Pawn Shop to liquidate the super power machines when they go financially bankrupt? I say “financially” because as we all know they’re already morally bankrupt.


  3. Guess who’s heading to the ship for OT VIII?

    OT VII Mike Fitzpatrick just pawned his car at Diamond Dave’s Pawn Shop and is now Freewinds bound!

    Mike is also looking for a Theta 2D (a girlfriend) who loves cuddling, sec checks, and has an actual paying job:


  4. Mr. Gr888, me? Rinder reports on his blog that a the actual count of attendees at the circus tent event was 10,273. Was this prime number manufactured so no one could accuse anyone of the statistical “fudging” where they go around multiplying an actual count by four or were there actually 2568.25 people at the event?


  5. Where did you get that photo of DM? The hair, hair colour, facial shape is changing, he is looking more and more like a mini ron!!!


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