Scientology Researchers Locate Lunatic Fringes of the Internet

Scientology researchers assigned to OSA Computer Unit Network Team S have located the lunatic fringes of the internet.

Internal documents reveal that Google routes all digital traffic generated by unemployed bloggers, crackpots, Black 5 cases, SP’s, and Psycho-Terrorist Anons through Node 666 in Building 17 of  Google Server Farm D5A located in the remote hamlet of Councils Bluffs, Iowa.


The Lunatic Fringes of the Internet are located in this Google Server Farm in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Google officials have privately confirmed to senior OSA terminals that fully 99% of the hatred and entheta flowing through Node 666 is directed at the Church of Scientology.

We in RTC take this as proof that the Psychs are fighting back harder than ever now that COB has launched the ultimate weapons of GAT II and Super Power against them.

All we in RTC have to say is: “Say-o-nara Psychs!”

Below: A Google technician performing daily maintenance on Node 666. Extreme maintenance is required due to the 300,000 terabytes of entheta and hatred directed at the Church of Scientology streaming through Node 666 daily.


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  1. Yes, and what truly strange is the secret identity of Node 666. Google found out the hard way that so much focused entheta and hatred caused ordinary CPUs to melt down. Therefore an extensive research project was undertaken to test various circuit boards and the only thing they found that worked… well, it was a Chicken McNugget. Now, we still aren’t sure why Chicken McNuggets work so well, but that’s the fact. Especially when dunked in Ranch Sauce. Power on Google. Power on lunatic fringe. And Power on, Node 666.


    • The secret of the Chicken McNugget dipped in ranch dressing is Psych drugs.

      Everything McDonald’s sells is dosed with Psych drugs, specifically the deadly class of SSRI’s — Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, a family of vicious Psych drugs invented by the Alldeutschen Psychiatrische Gesellschaft.

      Hence, the Chicken McNugget will conduct Electrons, Endorphins, or Ecstasy (E3) with equal ease, all of which explains why the fast-food-Psych-implanting-front-group known as Mc Donald’s serves up hundreds of millions of Fast Food Lobotomies everyday to the NWO slave population known as “WOGS.”

      As an NWO-approved E3 Conductive Food-Drug, McDonald’s is part of the Global Psych Conspiracy to destroy the Church of Scientology.

      As for the ranch dressing? The facts show that ranch dressing has a chemical affinity for Psych drugs and so the Chicken McNugget and ranch dressing are a marriage made in Hell by, yes, Big McPharma!

      Ronald McDonald: “Would you like fries with your lobotomy?”


  2. Ok team it’s time go take out these lunatic possums.

    You know what to do.

    All together now ….. Let Our Powers Combine.

    “Oiliness of Piss”.


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