Attacks on Religion by the Hateful Wog Media!

We in the Church of Scientology are under daily attacks by the hateful wog media.

However, we are not alone.

All religious people who seek to do good are under attack from the evil planetary forces of Suppression who seek to destroy goodness.

Don’t believe the lies: The Church of Scientology is under attack for doing good. All of the lies about Narconon, the lawsuit about commercial fraud, and the endless yapping about “crush regging” are all lies.

Our good friend the Reverend Bob Tilton was attacked with false reports by the noxious harridan Diane Sawyer of ABC News.

Sawyer accused Reverend Tilton of opening mail sent to him by his viewers, taking the cash and checks out, and then throwing away the prayer requests!

Reverend Tilton had to take to the airwaves to defend himself:

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  1. COB protects himself by foregoing all prayer requests in favor of large denomination bearer bonds or stacks of unmarked bills, all of which is funneled through thee in RTC; correct?


    • It would, of course, be contrary to RTC’s policy to engage in the conduct you are alleging and we are unaware of it ever happening.

      RTC is bound by strict state and federal privacy laws. Therefore, we cannot discuss any details about where the money goes.


  2. OTVIII,

    Get with the times, boo. Everyone who is anyone knows that the word “wog” is a verb! It’s what yours truly does to get into summer clothes after they have shrunk in the attic during the long winter. It is important to walk when you can and jog whenever a car drives by or a neighbor is walking their dog and can see you. I have a great idea – we can wog together! Call me.




      “Wog” is an RTC noun and not a verb! We own the copyright to this word and so we would know.

      An RTC verb is a term such as “Ecclesiastical Beating.”


  3. When we in the Church of Scientology get into big PR trouble, those in R6 wog implant religions are no longer wogs. They are suddenly our dear fellow co-coreligionists who are being persecuted just as we are.

    We have even invited Paul and Jan to come to the grand opening of the Portland Ideal Org!


  4. We in RTC care so very much about our persecuted fellow co-coreligionists that we embrace the Mormon Glenn Beck and his view that the US government is attacking religious people and wants to arrest all of us!


    • It is interesting that you would pick a song about a musical group formed of low-grade grifters and second-rate musicians who basically try to make a living by intimidating the other groups at the places they play. And of course the fact that the talent-free leader of this “group” has red hair has amusing parallels with the founder of certain organizations occasionally discussed on this blog. Of course, Fagen is using his biting irony and satirical lyrics (plus killer musicianship) to condemn the rush to low-talent people becoming famous on the backs of minimal achievement.

      Intentional parallels on your part or perhaps some keyed-in engrams leaking out around the edges?


    • “I say Ray why the girls treat you nice that way?
      He said, Its not what I know, what I think, or say.
      Its what I do.
      Its deep beneath the skin, its what I majored in.
      Its what I do
      He said, Dan, don’t despair, take some time. Just find your bad self, you’re gonna do just fine.
      Its what I do.
      Its not some game I play, its in my DNA.
      Its what I do.”

      What a hack.


  5. I used to watch Bob Tilton, back when I was in college, and didn’t have cable. When he got to speaking in tongues, he was amazing! And obviously stoned out of his mind. If you in the RTC could produce anything that entertaining, you’d have people sending you their money as a “vow of faith” as well. Just think of it, OTVIII — postulates by mail, for a small (large) donation! $$$$

    In the mean time, here’s a little something from another “persecuted believer”. He’s a xtian minister, with a name like the devil would have in a Victorian era short story: Jack Van Impe. His wife, Rexella, looks like a vampire, or a succubus in a blonde wig. In other words, they are ideal marks … er … candidates for scientology:


    • CV, we in RTC keep tabs on the Doctors Jack and Rexella Van Impe. For example, we followed their saga when they publicly blew from TBN and put Ethics in on Paul and Jan Crouch.

      Blowing from TBN is unsurprising given that a former TBN male staffer alleged that he and Paul had a gay Out 2D. TBN paid the staffer $425,000 to go away, this as COB’s favorite author Texe Marrs reported:

      “According to L.A.Times reporter William Lobdell, when Paul Crouch’s youngest son, Matt, first learned of his father’s sexual transgressions he told TBN lawyer David Middlebrook, ‘I am devastated. I am confronted with having to face the fact that my father is a homosexual.’

      “James Logden, founder of an internet web site promoting the gay lifestyle, told Power of Prophecy, ‘Gay people were not taken by surprise. Many of us had always suspected the flamboyant Paul Crouch was queer. After all, he’s married to puffy-lipped, pink-coiffed Jan Crouch, a drag queen if there ever was one.'”


      We in RTC hasten to point out that while such messy and melodramatic Out 2D’s sits are common in R6 implant religions they are unheard of in the Church of Scientology.

      We are, after all, the most Ethical group on the Planet!


  6. Loved Rev Tilton!! If watching him doesn’t un-enturbulate a thetan, not sure anything will. I laughed so hard the BT’s were dropping off of me like flies hitting a zap lite.

    Made me think back almost 30 years. Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker became the first show I set to record upon the purchase of a new fangled machine called a VCR. Jim and Tammy Faye were caught up in a hateful wog media attack over trying to sell time share units in their make believe high rise at the PTL Theme Park.

    Was going to suggest something similar for thee in RTC, but then remembered the $500 million Magic Castle at Flag. Have you been able to get away to enjoy the new facility?


  7. OT8, you live like a multi-millionaire. Is that Church money, or just generous gifts from Scientology celebrities who forgot to pay a gift tax?


  8. Peter Popoff claims to handle the “Demon of Nicotine” but what he is really doing?

    Answer: He is putting an R6 implant into a savage restimulation!

    Note: If she has any money, this woman needs auditing.


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