$50,000 Reward for Facebook Criminal BlackRob!!!

We in RTC have received thousands of KR’s in the past eighteen months concerning a notorious SP who uses the name BlackRob.

Posing as a Scientologist, the SP BlackRob has infiltrated a Scientologist-in-good-standing only Facebook group in order to engage in criminal Joking & Degrading.

Specifically, BlackRob is taking screenshots of Scientologists engaged in FB conversations and posting them in a thread on the wildly criminal and suppressive hater board called ESMB.

The name of BlackRob’s thread is designed to ridicule Scientologists in good standing:

I have a Thetan who does things to my mirror and it’s annoying. What Should I Do?

We in RTC are offering a $50,000 reward for BlackRob’s identity. The reward will be payable as a non-cash donation in your name to the IAS.

We in RTC want BlackRob’s head on a pike. There is to be no mercy for him. His only terminal is the International Justice Chief.

Examples of BlackRob’s rampage of entheta:

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  1. Ronnie here, I’m disappointeTd by you can’t prevent SPs from defaming my creation

    i thought you everything i planned in Policy Letters yet you evem DM my dearest ignored these letters, back in the day we found who, what were the SPs were then proceeded them appropriately

    I’m starting to think going to the target two was a mistake anyway it’s rather dull, not a single thetan to play poker to with even worse; no-one to audit, you in the current RTC may have problems, I’m forced to float Idling around target two, my post OT-8 fail to amuse me as we speak, I’m starting to think i’ve should’ve stayed behind and taught you a lesson or two.


  2. OT8, BlackRob is just following my orders from up here in the 5th Commander Fleet. I am also having psychs infiltrate OSA and Big Pharma infiltrate the Celebrity Center. Expect things to get worse. But I gotta tell you, those Scilons on Facebook are so stupid that I don’t know if we need to infiltrate.


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