The Church of Scientology Does Not Put Up “Internet Hate Sites” on Its Former Members!!!

Gonzo journalist and Psychiatric frontman Tony Ortega has just published an article on his so-called blog wherein he outrageously accuses we in the Church of Scientology of putting up “Internet Hate Sites” on our former members.

We in the Church of Scientology have nothing to do with these dozens, or hundreds, of websites that expose the machinations of the tiny handful of bitter defrocked apostates who attack the Church.

The fact is that there are thousands of concerned citizens who, having directly benefited from the Church’s many social betterment programs, are outraged that Scientology haters would attack the most ethical group on the planet. We in RTC presume that our many supporters created these websites in order to protect the goodness that is the Church of Scientology.

Here is just a sample of the benefits lavished upon society by we in the Church of Scientology:

* Billions of children in filthy and disgusting foreign lands have learned to read due to the Church of Scientology’s 100% effective Study Tech. These foreign lands are now less filthy and disgusting thanks to Scientology. These children who can now read and think for themselves will not become terrorists, this thanks to the Church of Scientology.

Grimy unwashed foreigners have learned to read thanks to the Church of Scientology!

* Billions of people globally have discarded as worthless R6 implant religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam and have instead adopted as their moral compass the simple and powerful truths contained in The Way to Happiness.

The Way to Happiness makes people happy, particularly Sea Org members whose lives are an uninterrupted joy of helping others.

* Billions of people have been made bulletproof against the harm of Psychiatric drugs thanks to the educational efforts of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The Church of Scientology has — this year alone — prevented 108,561,552 children from having deadly Psych drugs shoved down their throats by for-profit Psychs who tried to label them with phony names like ADHD or Autism. The fact is that these children were afflicted by engrams due to past life traumas that only Scientology auditing alone can resolve.

* The Church has made it clear in its many books and publications that Psychiatrists were the men behind Hitler:

Psychiatrists–The Men Behind Hitler

“All the world knows of Adolf Hitler and the atrocities committed under his leadership during the Nazi era. But were he and his small band of accomplices alone?

“Meticulously researched and thoroughly documented, Psychiatrists—The Men Behind Hitler gives a rare glimpse into the real forces that instigated the genocide of the Third Reich—and that still exert an incalculably destructive impact on our world today.”

Because the Church of Scientology dares to lay bare the seventy-five million year old Psychiatric Conspiracy to enslave every man, woman, and child – including even the wretches we know as Jehovah’s Witnesses — the Psychs have attacked us. And the truth is that concerned citizens acting alone and on their own initiative — and these people have no ties to the Church of Scientology – have taken it upon themselves to speak out against Scientology haters.

We in Scientology thank John and Joan Q. Public for their help and promise to continue bettering society until the entire world itself is OT.

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    • We in RTC love you too Chocolate Velvet. You are our favorite wog. Gosh, we wouldn’t even be that hard on you in a sec check.

      Our hope is that we can use the tech found in the False Purpose Rundown to pull your Ev Purps and get you started on your Bridge.


      • Uh…

        Let me think about that. In fact, I don’t like to sign anything I haven’t read carefully, so I will do a web search for that contract and see what it’s all about! You in the RTC don’t mind, do you?

        I’m sure I will soon discover it is a fine, fair contract. You in the RTC are so full of ARC, you would never ask someone you love to do something bad for them!


  1. If educating the degenerates in other countries about the genius of LRH doesn’t count as “philanthropy” then why do we Scientologists do it? Because it does count. Obviously. For an upstat Volunteer SCN to risk being degraded to spread LRH tech is extreme dedication and very risky. They should be acked.


    • The church is proud to have widely disseminated “Ron the Photographer” to the subhuman wogs of Eastern Europe. This valuable tech has helped many of these degraded beings to become productive members of the paparazzi whom we (correction – our lawyers) employ to hide out in bushes and public bathrooms so they can take creepy pictures of the children of bitter defrocked apostates.


  2. That sea org member on the left found her way into my Taco stash………….That bitch.

    And Pippi and her brother, cousin, husband look like they are not to happy with each other.
    Maybe they need to find the way to happiness by plucking body thetan clusters off each other with tweezers until they can form a smile again.
    Pippis face says: u gave me crabs red. Ya fucker.


    • BTN, please write a KR to we in RTC about the SO member who took tacos from your stash on an unauthorized basis. This violates a policy called Tacos, Taking of Unauthorized.

      BTW, anyone can send we in RTC KR’s concerning anything you think we should know about. We especially want incriminating information that would lead to the arrest of SP’s, Indies, and wog journalists that attack the church.


  3. The Way to Happiness my foot. That is a FBI surveillance photo of the Coonan brothers, Jimmy, Jackie and Eddie. These guys were only happy when they were enforcers for the Westies back in the 70’s. You know darn well they they are affiliated with Criminon now, not The Way to Happiness. I may have just fallen off the turnip truck, but I didn’t land on my head.


  4. I’ve never met a real OTVIII in the flesh, but you must be good looking. Come on over, I think I want to have your baby.


  5. OT8, did LRH call the Chinese “chinks”? Did he say Indians “smelled of the baths they did not take”? Did he call African Americans “n*ggers”? In 1949, when meeting with a group of Scientologists, did he quote George Orwell, who said “if you really want to make a lot of money, start a religion”?


    • No less an eminence than the Honorable Louis Farrakhan has addressed all of your objections in his very direct and unapologetic defense of L. Ron Hubbard and Scientology. We in RTC suggest that you stop being a hater and start listening to Minister Farrakhan:


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