SMERSH Attacks Scientology’s Int Base!

The Office of Special Affairs Science Division (OSA SD) caught SMERSH aircraft in the act of attacking Scientology’s Int Base yesterday.

A powerful OSA SD telescopic surveillance photo shows chemical contrails of deadly Psych drugs being dispersed high above Int Base during the attack by two SMERSH aircraft:

The brazen daylight attack by SMERSH came in response to the incredible global success of CCHR in exposing the dangers of Psychiatric drugs. As we read at the CCHR website:

“Psychiatrists claim a history of great advances in the area of psychotropic drugs. But is this parade of brain chemicals the ‘scientific breakthroughs’ they assert?

“Sigmund Freud’s early drug marketing efforts helped create a major cocaine epidemic throughout Europe.

“Psychiatrists next turned to amphetamines until those drugs were discovered to be not only ineffective, but highly toxic and addictive.

“Years later, the world was told that ‘antidepressant’ drugs were actually ‘lifestyle drugs’ for a choose‑your‑mood society. Yet within ten years, staggering details of side effects such as violence and suicide could no longer be ignored—with an estimated 3.9 million adverse events on Prozac alone.”

Thanks to the vigilant efforts of OSA SD, the SMERSH attacks came to naught as Int Base personnel were quickly processed on the Purification Rundown wherein all of the chemicals and radiation in their bodies were completely “run out” using niacin and the sauna.

As the Church of Scientology has clearly proven over and over again, Psychiatrists are out to kill people on a global scale. Indeed, as Scientology’s CCHR website proves beyond any doubt, Adolph Hitler was simply the unwitting dupe of Psychiatry:

Despite the attacks on Scientology by SMERSH, Interpol, Psychiatry, Anonymous, and many other groups and individuals, we in the Church of Scientology will never stop our work of exposing Psychiatry and offering the only safe, sane, proven, and 100% effective three-needle-swing mental treatment ever devised in this universe:

The Scientology e-meter is in wide use in the Global War against Psychiatry, the
Reactive Mind, Engrams, and other threats. Priced at $4,000 USD, the e-meter also makes an attractive conversation piece in any home or business.

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  1. Does that e-meter come in a nice pale pink? I think pink would look great with the silver tone cans.
    And it would match my Hello Kitty Furniture.


  2. I must say, I’m comforted to know that you in the RTC are on the case of these puzzling chemtrails. Somebody alert Dick Gregory!

    I know a fellow who is quite concerned about this matter, nattering about it frequently and sharing annoying photos. When he hears that SMERSH is behind it, he is going to flip out! Do you in the RTC have a handling for that?


  3. The invader planes look like DC8s to me. Are you sure Xenu hasn’t escaped to call in another expulsion of his over populated galAxy to our planet? Word on the street says these may be Super Psych Thetans that are causing havok with Teegeeack’s weather patters.

    A new drop-off of disembodied thetans would surely call for a heavier defense that could be countered only by a high school drop out ecclesiastical religious leader. Please let us know that COB is taking care of this and what else we need to buy to keep our minds right.


  4. I have consulted the LRH dictionary and have not found any definition of SMERSH. OTVIII, how can this be? Are you using non-approved words? For shame!


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