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Scientology is not a Cult!

Scientology is not a Cult! Lots of groups dress in matching uniforms and fan out on Segways to distribute literature about the Psychs and their use of drugs to keep the Fourth Dynamic Engram in place.

A Day in the Life: Fleet Admiral David Miscavige

An excerpt from an upcoming Freedom Magazine article entitled, A Day in the Life: Fleet Admiral David Miscavige.

Fleet Admiral David Miscavige

“Fleet Admiral David Miscavige sat on the far west end of his giant 18,000 foot Mouse Table staring at dozens of large screens up on the wall of the RTC Combat Information Center (CIC). Online entheta was up 21%, however, the Ideal Orgs were booming:

But more important than the Ideal Org stat was the news was pouring in that Scientology global expansion on the nineteen continents of the Earth was “straight up and vertical” which —  on a graph that shows time and units of expansions — meant that Scientology was now expanding straight up on the graph in terms of units and yet this was all happening OUTSIDE OF TIME.

“That is what a “straight up and vertical” line on a graph means: NO TIME, or OUTSIDE OF TIME.

“Due to the heroic efforts of Fleet Admiral David Miscavige, Scientology expansion has  finally gone exterior to time and was simply expanding straight up outside of the physical universe wherein reality was a function of agreement.

“No longer were the stats of the Church of Scientology subject to so-called wog mathematics in which 1+1 = 2. It had now become literally true that the Church of Scientology stats were whatever David Miscavige said they were, and, so of course the stats were straight up and vertical in a highest-ever screaming affluence — except of course for the Org you are in. The stats at your Org suck because you are downstat and are criminally withholding donations to the IAS.

As Fleet Admiral David Miscavige is himself at cause over the MEST universe, millions and millions of people were now having the outside-of-time cognition ‘I am a Scientologist.’ Indeed, this had happened to the Nation of Islam and now it was happening to:

“Mitt Romney.

“Mitt Romney was speaking at a campaign rally in the Champaign–Urbana area when he suddenly had the cognition that he was a Scientologist.

“Romney then declared to the audience, ‘I am a Scientologist and so are you.’ The audience suddenly cogged that they were in fact all Scientologists. Accordingly. they leapt to their feet and offered Mitt Romney a standing ovation that lasted a long time. True, the standing ovation was not as long as those received by Fleet Admiral David Miscavige, but still, it was a long time.

“After the rally, Mitt Romney realized that he needed to do Non-E with Fleet Admiral David Miscavige and so he phoned the Fleet Admiral.

“The historic phone call began:

“Hello Fleet Admiral Miscavige, this is Mitt Romney. I am calling to introduce myself to you and ask what you want and need from me when I become President of the United States of America….

“Just as Fleet Admiral David Miscavige had become cause over the IRS twenty years ago, he had now become cause over Mitt Romney.

“Fleet Admiral Miscavige knew that the first thing he needed to do was to put Mitt Romney into the special Tom Cruise Resurgence Rundown, a process whereby the movers and the shakers of the world such as Scientologists Greta Van Susteren and Juliette Lewis were processed to align with the Command Intention of David Miscavige to salvage this sector of the universe….”

The Church of Scientology Does Not Put Up “Internet Hate Sites” on Its Former Members!!!

Gonzo journalist and Psychiatric frontman Tony Ortega has just published an article on his so-called blog wherein he outrageously accuses we in the Church of Scientology of putting up “Internet Hate Sites” on our former members.

We in the Church of Scientology have nothing to do with these dozens, or hundreds, of websites that expose the machinations of the tiny handful of bitter defrocked apostates who attack the Church.

The fact is that there are thousands of concerned citizens who, having directly benefited from the Church’s many social betterment programs, are outraged that Scientology haters would attack the most ethical group on the planet. We in RTC presume that our many supporters created these websites in order to protect the goodness that is the Church of Scientology.

Here is just a sample of the benefits lavished upon society by we in the Church of Scientology:

* Billions of children in filthy and disgusting foreign lands have learned to read due to the Church of Scientology’s 100% effective Study Tech. These foreign lands are now less filthy and disgusting thanks to Scientology. These children who can now read and think for themselves will not become terrorists, this thanks to the Church of Scientology.

Grimy unwashed foreigners have learned to read thanks to the Church of Scientology!

* Billions of people globally have discarded as worthless R6 implant religions such as Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam and have instead adopted as their moral compass the simple and powerful truths contained in The Way to Happiness.

The Way to Happiness makes people happy, particularly Sea Org members whose lives are an uninterrupted joy of helping others.

* Billions of people have been made bulletproof against the harm of Psychiatric drugs thanks to the educational efforts of the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The Church of Scientology has — this year alone — prevented 108,561,552 children from having deadly Psych drugs shoved down their throats by for-profit Psychs who tried to label them with phony names like ADHD or Autism. The fact is that these children were afflicted by engrams due to past life traumas that only Scientology auditing alone can resolve.

* The Church has made it clear in its many books and publications that Psychiatrists were the men behind Hitler:

Psychiatrists–The Men Behind Hitler

“All the world knows of Adolf Hitler and the atrocities committed under his leadership during the Nazi era. But were he and his small band of accomplices alone?

“Meticulously researched and thoroughly documented, Psychiatrists—The Men Behind Hitler gives a rare glimpse into the real forces that instigated the genocide of the Third Reich—and that still exert an incalculably destructive impact on our world today.”

Because the Church of Scientology dares to lay bare the seventy-five million year old Psychiatric Conspiracy to enslave every man, woman, and child – including even the wretches we know as Jehovah’s Witnesses — the Psychs have attacked us. And the truth is that concerned citizens acting alone and on their own initiative — and these people have no ties to the Church of Scientology – have taken it upon themselves to speak out against Scientology haters.

We in Scientology thank John and Joan Q. Public for their help and promise to continue bettering society until the entire world itself is OT.