Your Donations Are Urgently Needed!

COB RTC David Miscavige is a BIG BEING.

COB works to save the planet and its inhabitants from ruin and destruction every minute of every day.

$160,000,000 in donations are urgently needed on an emergency basis from IAS members and the general public to make necessary electronic upgrades to COB One, the specially-modified 747 that COB uses on his travels to meet with other world leaders; speak at economic summits; negotiate peace treaties between warring nations; and yes, open Ideal Orgs.


Electronic upgrades are needed to improve real time SP threat assessment within the  RTC Global Command Combat Information Center onboard COB One.

An upgraded all-weather Psych Sensor Array (PSA) will also be added to COB One. The new PSA will allow OSA to detect >50% more Psychs than currently possible. This improved Psych detection capability will allow OSA to nuke Psych funding lines faster, thus obliterating Psychiatry sooner.

Additionally, an improved Tom Cruise Communications Uplink (TCCU) will be added to COB One to provide COB with greatly enhanced HD video-conferencing capabilities with Tom Cruise via the Scientology Satellite Network.

Fleet Admiral David Miscavige uses the electronic systems aboard COB One to monitor and assess the ongoing global threats made against the Church of Scientology by the many enemies of Freedom:

  • Psychiatry
  • Big Pharma
  • The Internet
  • Hater Websites
  • Tony Ortega
  • Global Capitalism HQ
  • Germany
  • Anonymous
  • Trilateralists
  • Suppressive Persons
  • The Wog Media
  • Wogs
  • Homosexuals
  • Gypsies
  • Mormons
  • Catholics
  • Freemasons
  • Buddhists
  • Marty Rathbun
  • Independent Scientologists
  • Possibly Helpful Advice
  • So-called Law Enforcement
  • Interpol
  • British Bankers
  • Anyone who has ever used LSD
  • Squirrel Groups
  • Russian Spies
  • The Rockefeller-Nixon Illuminati
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Marc Headley
  • Jokers and Degraders

COB’s Enemies List contains the names of over one hundred million people, groups, and organizations that are hostile to COB and the Church of Scientology.That the list of persons hostile to the Church of Scientology is growing daily on an exponential basis is proof of our success: The Psychs fight back most when Scientology is winning!

Fleet Admiral David Miscavige must be able to identify and handle threats at any time, including those times when he is airborne and on his way to meet other world leaders.

Below: Members of the elite 101st OSA Airborne Intelligence Unit are seen monitoring threats during COB’s recent trip to meet the Pope in Rome.

Elite members of the 101st OSA Airborne Intel Unit work onboard COB One to assess threats to the Church of Scientology. Your donations are urgently needed for electronic upgrades to track and monitor new types of electronic threats.

If you are posting entheta online, please be assured that OSA will acquire your IP and that we in RTC will issue an Ecclesiastical Arrest Warrant for you.

Joking and degrading online about COB or the Church of Scientology is a high crime. You will be apprehended and prosecuted by we in RTC to the fullest extent of Scientology canon law.

Our last SP Dragnet netted 10,000 Suppressive Persons who are now serving hard time in Scientology religious prisons.

You have been warned!

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    • Haagen Dazs is a German ice cream crammed full of Psych drugs. So yes, Haagen Dazs eaters are on COB’s Enemies List.

      As the list has over one hundred million entries and is mostly confidential, we in RTC cannot publish the full list online.


      • let you know in a little secret, It was created by Reuben and Rose Mattus in the Bronx in 1961 the trade name is made up… but who cares… and no additives at all… we keep that info.hush-hush: under our hats..


  1. I hadn’t realized that David Miscavige became so exalted, with the title Fleet Admiral. To see just how exalted he is, I decided to look at other holders of the title throughout history. The first result in Google is this guy, obviously a close relative.


  2. In your zeal to show off the 101st OSA hard at work, you inadvertently showed the new prototype wireless E-meter. No wires, no cans… how does it work? The luster of the MarkVIII Ultra hasn’t worn off and the RTC has got a new E-meter in the wings already? Has your cult been infiltrated by the Apple Cult?


    • Great catch ivanmapother!

      Your eagle eye spotted the 101st OSA AIU using the classified Mark CB wireless e-meter.

      The “Charlie Bravo” as this model is called has secret military auditing capabilities that civilian e-meters do not.

      Note: The Charlie Bravo is for OSA use only. Use of this meter by non OSA personnel will cause instantaneous freewheeling through one’s implants!


  3. Thanks for letting us view the target flying machine. Of course, there’s no need for fighter plane coverage with all that ecclesiastical theta in the air.

    BTW, askthescientologist.blogspot.com is missing from your list of entheta sites


  4. DMSTCC, we in RTC have added askthescientologist.blogspot.com to our list of banned blogs and websites. Anyone in this sector of the universe caught reading your blog will be arrested and tried for thought crimes.


  5. OT8, you didn’t mention the reason WHY donations are needed. The idle orgs are behind on rent, utilities and property taxes; the Church is in danger of losing tons of property. You cannot let this happen.


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