OSA Arrests 10,000 in an SP Dragnet!

AN SP who attacked the Church of Scientology online is arrested by OSA Security Forces

AN SP who attacked the Church of Scientology online is arrested by OSA Security Forces

We in RTC are pleased to announce the mass arrests of 10,000 Suppressive Persons in an SP Dragnet conducted early this morning by OSA security forces.

Those arrested were summarily found guilty of posting entheta online. All of the guilty were beaten and then returned to the Scientology-hating internet ghettos and shantytowns from which they came.

CDM.2At a press conference held this afternoon, Fleet Admiral David Miscavige declared, “The public is now safe from these 10,000 internet hoodlums, punks and Psych trash! But our work in RTC is not done. We will not sleep, literally, until all SP’s have been located and arrested! Mark my word: We in RTC will shatter Suppression!”

Let this stand as a warning to those who think it is “safe” to attack the Church of Scientology online. Not only is it not safe to attack the Church online, but it is in fact a terroristic crime that will get you fifty years in prison!

If you are an SP, you will be swept up and arrested in OSA’s next SP Dragnet! Of course, you can turn yourself in to OSA and be shown the leniency of a ten year prison term.

What you must do to qualify for COB’s SP Leniency Program:

1. Confess your crimes of attacking the Scientology religion

2. Debrief OSA on your work to destroy the Church of Scientology

3. Turn over all e-mail addresses, chat logs, and e-mails from your fellow SP’s

4. Produce your pay stubs from Big Pharma

5. Agree to be sec checked and/or waterboarded as deemed necessary by the International Justice Chief.

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    • Let we in RTC get this straight: You are turning yourself in as an internet criminal guilty of attacking Scientology online and you want Wifi?

      Here is the deal: You can only have Wifi if you get assigned to the Internet Prison Detail (IPD) where you will spend sixteen hours per day giving “likes” to COB’s speeches online and writing letters of protest to ISP’s that host natterboards and hate websites that attack the Church.

      Other than that, you will only be allowed ten minutes of personal internet enhancement time per day to peruse sites that we in RTC have determined to be free of entheta, i.e. Church of Scientology websites.


      • You are absolutely crazy 8.. I love that in a person.. As John Peeler said on the Bunker about TC..

        ” You Sir Have Jumped the Couch!” Happy Holidays to you and your beautiful wife.. love baby xox



    This constant focus on others as criminals and enemies of the Tech has got to stop. It only makes us wonder what O/Ws you have that are being concealed by this chicanery.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! You in the RTC must confess your crimes, or face weeks of ethics correction to root it out! Tell the truth, or spend your days chasing your own tail around a pole in the COB’s backyard — the desert — and your nights licking bathroom floors until they are spotless!


  2. I injured my shoulder recently by fighting off OSA sock puppets and I now have a torn Rotator cuff. It is extremely painful to type my critical comments about the Co$ on anti-scientology websites as well as the mom blogs, so I am alerting you since your sock puppets were at fault.

    My employers, Big Pharma and The American Psychiatric Association, say that you’re legally and morally responsible for the payment of my diagnostic testing and for my surgery and physical therapy.

    I’m not interested in RPF since the brochure does not mention private suites or organic cotton linens and the menu of slop, beans and rice aren’t appealing to me since I’m on a low carb diet.. Could you please resolve this issue quickly since your sock puppets are at fault?

    Thank You,


    Midwest Mom


    • Midwest Mom, we in RTC don’t care to hear your wog sympathy computations, dramatizations, or serfacs! You pulled in your shoulder injury due to your overts and withholds. What we recommend is that you get your Ethics in and sign over those kids of yours to the Sea Org.

      BTW, the “Newly Redesigned RPF” now features slop that has higher protein in it, this thanks to COB’s bright idea to throw the local road kill into the RPF soup pot. Squirrel with a few ketchup packets squeezed into it is actually quite nourishing for RPF’ers.


  3. ChocolateVelvet, if we in RTC are guilty of anything, it is of caring too much. We work day and night to help people and the only break we take is to smoke a Camel. We in RTC are not alone; most doctors smoke Camels:


  4. OTVIII, you send chills down my spine and I bow at the awesome powerfulness and allknowingness of the great OSA forces. I just hope you don’t find my house.


  5. I am afraid that I will be unable to produce pay stubs from Big Pharma. However, I work at Global Capitalism HQ, which owns Big Pharma. I could produce some pretty juicy dividend checks in lieu of pay stubs. Would that be enough to get me “sentenced” to brunches at the Celebrity Center and force me to work at slave labor wages until I have built a room in my waterfront estate big enough to hold the special IAS trophy that you would create in hopes of getting your grubby little mitts on some of those dividends?


    • We in RTC are creating a special award just for Global Capitalism HQ:

      “Titanium Excelsior Patron Gloria in Excelsis Scientologius”

      This award will be given for a donation to the IAS of $1,000,000,000.

      The IAS trophy awarded for this status requires a 50,000 square foot trophy room. Plumbing is needed for the fountain that forms part of the trophy. Electricity is also necessary to power the animatronic COB RTC David Miscavige who is programmed to give fifty of his best speeches from behind an elevated golden podium. His eyes move and look at you as if he is really there. He has over thirty different programmed facial expressions, head movements, and dramatic gestures which correspond to the Tone Scale.

      Situated at the pearly gates that open into the resplendent trophy area is an animatronic Tom Cruise who moves his arms dramatically and declares, “There is LRH, David Miscavige, and then there is me.” This prepares your guests to approach to the nearness and greatness that is COB RTC David Miscavige.

      Nothing says “IAS Patron” quite like having an animatronic COB RTC David Miscavige and Tom Cruise in one’s own waterfront mansion!


  6. Only 50? I thought we were supposed to be able to return for a billion years as a Thetan………… So you only want to imprison the meat bodies? What if we were to “drop” them as we were entering the compound? After seeing all the ways we could return and get our fellow SPs out with another meat sack that is……..


  7. We are only interested in finding your crimes and stopping you right now in this lifetime. After you drop your body the Implant stations will take care of you. In your next life you will be a hideous mutant dwarf who is not eligible for Scientology!


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