Warning to all Church Members!!!

We in RTC are issuing this public warning to all members of the Church of Scientology:


We in RTC ordered OSA to handle.

OSA has called 911 at least 130 times in the past hour to report this matter to LAPD and demand that these wogs be arrested.

We in RTC were shocked when OSA reported back to us that LAPD said that wogs walking on our street was legal. Apparently, under wog law, this is not a felony. This is an outrage. COB RTC David Miscavige has ordered OSA to get LRH Way permanently closed to the public. In the meantime, a full battalion of OSA bicycle security officers has been despatched to monitor these wogs as they walk on our street.

The OSA surveillance photo below shows what wogs look like up close. Scientologists are advised to note the dangerousness, low IQ, and the complete lack of TR’s in wogs. It takes a high level of confront to see what happens to people who do not avail themselves of Scientology auditing:


We in RTC warn all Scientologists to distance themselves from wogs. Wogs are dead in the head and have no spiritual awareness and no Ethics whatsoever. Just look at the planet: Wogs blow up embassies and have their Reactive Minds vibrating. Wogs are not Clear. The world out there is a mad house while we in the Church are the only safe space in the world.

We do not want our Sea Org or public Scientologists contaminated by wogs, their porn, and especially not their Psychiatric drugs. Our complete distaste for wogs comes down to the fact that wogs are degraded beings and we in Scientology are not. This is especially true of we in RTC, for we are the most Elite group on the planet.

We in RTC have ordered Pacific Area Command (PAC), AOLA, AHSO, LA Day, and all other orgs and groups to go into lockdown while wogs are present. All Scientologists are ordered to use the underground tunnels at the Complex for the next 24 hours or until the area has been certified wog-free by OSA inspectors.

COB RTC David Miscavige warns Scientologists about the dangerousness of wogs in general and SP’s in particular. Only Scientology can keep you safe!

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  1. I recognize those guys. Don’t you know that they are your own OSA men undercover watching for wogs that look like themselves.


  2. We in Global Capitalism HQ are somewhat sympathetic to your plight of undesirable elements using laws that enable the “little beings” to insert themselves into what you feel is your rightful preserve. We shudder whenever various forms of riff-raff walk along the pristine sands in front of our East Hampton waterfront estate. We paid the big bucks for six acres on the water’s edge, and we think the only pedestrians allowed should be either fellow capitalists or card-carrying supermodels (we do sometimes allow our yacht crew or jet pilots to walk on our beach in a display of kindness towards the help).

    We learned quickly, however: we didn’t have to call the East Hampton PD multiple times. Instead, we used our expensive lawyers to dig into various laws we could use in our favor. We managed to unearth an ancient “dust abatement” law from a time when the Hamptons were largely agricultural. Apparently, to prevent the next Dust Bowl, farmers owning plots larger than five acres were required to do whatever was necessary to conserve topsoil on their properties when the wind kicked up. We planted a couple tomato plants in urns on the spacious back porch and now call ourselves “The East Hampton Organic Tomato Conservatory,” styling ourselves as ultra-chic farmers selling overpriced veggies to Whole Foods, a company we own a large slice of.

    So a couple years ago, we installed a pair of electrically-controlled “Giant Python” firefighting nozzles from Elkhart Brass, the leaders in firefighting equipment. Each of these babies can discharge 2,500 gallons per minute in a four-inch stream up to 300 feet away; we installed a couple of 1,500 horsepower Caterpillar Diesel-powered pumps that siphon water from the ocean, and any time there is an unauthorized sunbather, we determine that they are kicking up dust, leading to topsoil loss. The butler cranks up the pumps, centers the interlopers in the crosshairs using the joystick control, and after a few seconds of blasting from our dust prevention apparatus, they go elsewhere. We’ve been threatened with suits over 100 times, sued five times, and we’ve won handily each time, since we’re scrupulously following this important agricultural law. We’re proud that we have not only kept the Hamptons safe for agriculture but ensured that Joey Buttafuoco and other knuckle dragging mouth breathers do not lower property values in our little slice of paradise.

    Perhaps there is a germ of an idea in there that might be relevant for you. Just substitute “wog” for “riff raff” and “run-down street in a scummy neighborhood in Hollywood” for “pristine unspoiled beaches of East Hampton” and you will get the idea.


    • We in RTC appreciate GC HQ’s keen insights into the wog problem. We have taken your advice and ordered OSA attorneys to get LRH Way zoned as a special agricultural microclimate.

      We plan to grow the new Miscavige Mangosteen, a genetically engineered super fruit that will make Scientologists so incredibly sessionable that their case gain will increase, on average, by 3000%. It will be Theta in a bottle.

      We in RTC will order all Church parishioners and NOI members to purchase and consume this super beverage. At $7500 per bottle, this mandatory auditing aid will finally open up the cash flow that was lost when the FDA raided the Church in 1958 and seized 21,000 tablets of Dianazene, a product that was so far ahead of its time in that it ran out radiation out of the human body. It is regrettable that Dianazene was not available to the residents of Fukushima.

      BTW, we in RTC really like the idea of turning watercannons a firehose on wogs! The wogs who call themselves “Anonymous” are rabid, disease-ridden, drug-addicted wogs paid by Big Pharma to enturbulate honest upstanding Scientology parishioners. Members of Anonymous need to be sprayed away like head lice or any other unwanted pest:

      OSA Handling Wogs Using Capitalist Tech


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