Texas SP’s Pull It In: Big Tex Goes Up in Flames!

It is no secret that the insane Nation of Texas hates the Church of Scientology because the Church is in every way better than Texas. We in the Church have the Tech and all of the excitement that goes with movie stars Clearing the Planet!

What does Texas have?

It has nothing.

In fact, Texans are so bored stiff that they have nothing better to do than to drink tequila, shoot guns into the air, ride wild cows, and enturbulate the Church of Scientology for excitement:

Texans have nothing better to do than to drink tequila, shoot guns into the air, ride wild cows, and enturbulate the Church of Scientology!

The backwards people of Texas worship a strange implanted R6 god named Big Tex. Texans beseech Big Tex for for oil gushers, more beer, good weather for NASCAR races, Cowboys football games, money, more pairs of cowboy boots, beef jerky, tequila, and all of the other things Texans want:

Big Tex — the strange implanted R6 pagan god of Texas

There are a tiny handful of bitter defrocked apostates who live in Texas. They are few in number but have succeeded in enturbulating the hell out of COB RTC David Miscavige.

Well sir, it seems that the Texas SP’s who have been incessantly attacking the Church of Scientology got a big comeuppance yesterday when their pagan god Big Tex went up in flames yesterday:

Big Tex going up in flames is a sign from the Theta Universe for so-called Indies to stop attacking Mankind’s only hope of salvation. It is a sign for them to stop enturbulating David Miscavige, the ecclesiastical leader of the world’s 4.3 billion Scientologists!

Texas: Go back to your rodeos and NASCAR! Stop enturbulating the Church of Scientology!

And this goes as well for the wildly and madly insane SP Tony Ortega!



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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA…my friends live in Austin. I’m going to have to send that video to them as they are always spouting off about Cowboys games, drinking and whatnot.

    I really enjoy the fact that you make a comment, post a pic and then state the exact same comment under the picture. It’s quite funny!!!


    • Hundreds of millions of Christians are Scientologists.

      There is no conflict between Christianity and Scientology.

      RTC investigated these insane allegations and found that a tiny handful of bitter defrocked Christian televangelists became angry at the fact that millions of Christians chose — and rightfully so — to donate for Flag auditing as opposed to giving these swindlers money for “water from the Holy Land“, “scented anointing oil“, or $1000 seed faith offerings.

      These SP Christian televangelists put counterfeit and squirreled OT levels on the internet in order to attack the Church of Scientology and LRH.

      Christians who receive Scientology processing go on to become better and more able Christians.


  2. NO, OTVIII, NO!!!! Big Tex is not the God of Texas, it is Honey Boo Boo Chile! Set her on fire, and you will have the big-haired Texas ladies eating out of the palm of your hand.


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