1963: L. Ron Hubbard Meets Charles Manson to Discuss R2-45 and the Handling of SP’s

1963: L. Ron Hubbard met with Scientologist Charles Manson to discuss how to introduce Scientology to young people who believed that R2-45 was an effective solution for exteriorizing one’s enemies. Essentially, Dr. Hubbard went to Manson for advice prior to forming Scientology’s Guardians Office and Fair Game.

Charles Manson had bold ideas on how to handle suppressive persons. Hubbard and Manson agreed that such people needed to be disposed of quietly and without sorrow. However, the prices Manson demanded to employ his drug-crazed cult followers to handle SP’s was prohibitive.

This is when Dr. Hubbard realized he could do it cheaper in-house using his own crazed and insane cult followers. And this is why Dr. Hubbard created the Guardians Office. For the GO he hand-selected staffers who were already violently mentally ill.

Hubbard and Manson remained good friends and pen pals. When Charlie read Ron’s “Revolt in the Stars” he was convinced it was the greatest novel ever and embodied the true cosmic war that Charlie himself was battling.

Both Charlie and Ron agreed that people had millions of micro-demons in their heads which required telepathic exorcism. Ron chose the e-meter whereas Charlie preferred LSD for exorcisms.

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