We in Scientology are not a Cult!


We in Scientology are not a Cult! Plenty of religions have paramilitaries, prisons, beat their clergy & conduct interrogations on members.

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  1. None of us Scientologists would EVER consider that we are a cult. That’s just wog black PR attempting to defame the world’s coolest and fastest growing religion. You see, it’s just like the Founder said, the more we succeed, the more suppression we will encounter including the absurd notion that we are a cult instead of a bona fide religion.The fact is, we are winning at unprecedented orders of magnitude and sometimes you just have to be a little bit tough to pull this off. We Scientologists cherish the words of the Founder and if that means that you have to write a KR on your friends and family so that they can get the Ethics handling they need, so be it. If it means disconnecting from any perceived threat or person who my harbor any form of antagonism to Scientology, so be it. If it means spending every last dime you have and then some to increase you Status with the IAS, so be it. If it means sending your children to the Sea Org to get the MAA off your ass, so be it. If it means spending all of your spare time outside of your three jobs on course, in auditing, attending fun Scientology events or disseminating, so be it. If it means turning away from any form of information that is not Scientology based such as the internet, books, magazines, radio, TV (especially A&E), newspapers, science, etc., so be it. If it means clapping endlessly to photos of our dead Founder and current Dear Leader Mr. Capt’n COB RTC Admiral David ‘Blackheart’ Miscavige, so be it. This list could go on, but you get the picture. There is nothing here about paramilitaries, prisons, beating the clergy & conducting interrogations on members. That stuff is for the REAL Scientologists who are tough enough for the Sea Org. Well, except for the Sec Checks. That stuff is for all of us to embrace and they are only meant to help us flourish and prosper. There is just nothing like a good soul crushing, gut wrenching, face ripping, bowel liquifying, ball busting Sec Check. Well, the only thing better is when it is done Gang Bang style in front of a group of your closest peers. That my friends is what spiritual freedom is all about.

    ARC, KRC, KSW, ml,
    Ms. B. Haven

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