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We in Scientology are not a Cult!


We in Scientology are not a Cult! Plenty of religions have paramilitaries, prisons, beat their clergy & conduct interrogations on members.

Scientology Boss David Miscaviges Assigns Jared Fogle to Create Pedanon

SOFUCOB RTC David Miscavige has assigned new Church of Scientology spokesman Jared Fogle to the Sea Org Felons Unit (SOFU).

A unit within OSA, SOFU is the successor of the Guardian’s Office and engages in handling special situations for COB.

Given the massive multi-million dollar statcrash of Narconon, COB has tasked Fogle with starting Pedanon, a treatment center for pedophiles and other sex offenders. Those sent to Pedanon by a court can qualify for $30,000 in government funds.


Pedanon will treat pedophiles and other sex offenders by using a sauna and megadoses of niacin to run out the radiation and other toxins in their bodies that cause pedophilia and other unnatural desires. Managed by the unnamed Executive Director of ABLE, Pedanon has a proven 75% success rate.

“It’s not like we in the Church of Scientology are winning any popularity contests these days,” Mr. Miscavige candidly remarked. “Moreover, we are in desperate need of new sources of cash. Whereupon, we see pedophile and sex offender treatment as a lucrative and untapped source of government money. No one wants these people in their communities. However, our Pedanon treatment centers will gladly feed and house these degenerate and degraded beings in exchange for large sums of taxpayer cash.”

“And best of all,” added Mr. Miscavige, “if we in Scientology beat, abuse, or otherwise financially exploit pedophiles or sex offenders in our Pedanon treatment centers it’s not like the public or the media is going to care. This is a tailor-made money-making opportunity for the Church of Scientology.

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