Scientology & Disconnection


The Church of Scientology is pleased to announce its newest venture: Theta Movers. This full service moving company is here to service all your moving needs when OSA has ordered you to move far away from neighboring SP’s, particularly when these SP’s are family who want to stop your Bridge progress.

“While we in the Church of Scientology most definitely do not practice Disconnection as portrayed by the ASC-controlled wog media,” said VP of Disconnection Services Mr. Ken Delusion, “We strongly feel that no Scientologist should be forced to live near any source of enturbulances or suppression who are hostile to their practice of Scientology and its policy of Disconnection, a policy that is widely misunderstood.”

“Disconnection does not ‘break up families’ as claimed,” emphasized Mr. Delusion who has not spoken to his own parents in ten years after they were declared SP’s for reading entheta on the internet, “Rather, Disconnection simply rearranges families and changes ‘communication‘ to ‘no communication.’ And indeed as the Founder said, ‘No communication with disaffected family members prevents a chaos of thinkingness, a flood of restimulative human emotion and reaction in which the gung ho Scientologist feels torn between the Church and his or her family. Dramatizing family is a homo sap weakness, nothing more than genetic entity think and the Homo Novis is a skyscraper higher than such concerns, particularly when Scientology so desperately needs more money.”

“It is a high crime, a violation of KSW to put family before the Church,” Delusion pointedly insisted. “And even my own parents know how easy it is to get back in touch with me. They simply need to do A-E, make up the damage they’ve done to the group, and strike an effective blow against the members of the group they’ve been pretending to be a member of. Marty has set a sterling example in this regard as he suffers up through the conditions.”

“In happier news,” said Delusion, “the new Hubbard Trailer Rancho has opened in Dunedin. Named after the Founder, this older trailer park was acquired by the ILO recently with IAS funds. The park features affordable single wide trailer homes and is intended for those Scientologists who don’t have the reach or wherewithal to afford a stick built home. And per Scientology policy, the Hubbard Trailer Rancho is ringed with a razor wire fence to keep SP’s out and Scientologists in.”


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  1. Hey, that’s a photo of my digs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The cool blue single-wide!!!!!!!!! I have named it The Bluebird!!!!!!!!!!!

    On to more serious matters. I will cautiously mention my solution to what those demented ASC thugs refer to as Disconnection. Disconnection is a good thing cuz the Founder said so. That makes it a holy ritual and us Scientologists should not hesitate to practice it. It’s so KSW. What I have inadvertently found though is that the practice of Dissemination is even more effective when it comes to isolating oneself from antagonistic “family” and “friends”. My Bridge progress is totally unimpeded as a result of practicing Dissemination. In fact, I have been so successful that I have practically completely isolated myself socially. What a win that is. Now I just have my true friends at the Ideal Org. No more of that pesky thinkingness to deal with, just pure theta and a rocket ride up The Bridge to Total Freedom.

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  2. I really put myself into a Danger Condition ( I always thought of James Bond taking a corner too fast in the Aston Martin in the Alps when I did Danger started giggling about that to the Ethics aofficer) Ann! Anyway why oh why did I not call up MR. Ken Delusion and get Theta Movers! Wow I could be charged 47x straight down & horizontal for the great honor to get Away from all these SPs! And all my mest would float on air currents in those Theta trucks as I well know dm is the baddest OT Zero of them all. Thank you OT 8 for hooking me and I mean literally, me up with such a Tone 40 bunch.How can I ever express my gratitude. OK the credit card is yours.😘😘


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