Hillary Completes OT III at Flag!

Hillary had problems at Flag with the OT III materials, but once we handled her crashing misunderstood on BT’s she F/N’d and attested to having completed the level.


6 responses to “Hillary Completes OT III at Flag!

  1. Well, that explains her bad trustworthiness numbers. She belongs to a group that says “the way to control someone is to lie to them.”

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  2. Question is, will she increase NASA funds, befriend the great Marcab Confederacy and make America great again ?

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  3. CON-fidential material; way to go, Hillary!


  4. Career criminal Hillary Clinton belongs in $cientology, the only organization that is more corrupt than her.

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  5. I imagine she cognited that a BT is like a Democrat voter. Stable datum from LRH is “They control easily.”

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  6. Sounds more like she blew herself (she F/N ed and then attested).


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