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Scientology Outsources Part of Its Heavy Workload to the Catholic Church

“Due to the highest ever straight up and vertical expansion resulting from Scientology TV, Scientology is now outsourcing some of its BT exorcism workload to the Catholic Church,” said spokesman Ken Delusion.

“The Catholics have been in the exorcism business since the time of Jesus,” Delusion noted. “And the exorcism business has never been better or more lucrative than today.”

“Exorcisms are up in the Catholic Church and Scientology by over 47,000%. What this means is that Psych drugs aren’t working because the real cause of all modern problems are demonic body thetans,” concluded Delusion. “SP’s can mock what Scientology teaches about how BT’s came to be, but SP mockery doesn’t change the fact of what happened 75,000,000 years ago. It’s all true and quite savage and ghastly.”

“Only Scientology can help,” Delusion emphasized. “But until we get 150,000 more GAT II auditors trained, we’re using Catholic priests on an interim basis.”

Scientology TV Airs a 75,000,000 Year Old Photograph!

Scientology TV: Here we have a 75,000,000 year old photo showing the bomb bay of one of Xenu’s DC-8 spaceplanes. The gold boxes contain frozen humanoids ready for aerodynamic insertion into the principal volcanoes of Teegeeack.

In recent years, Xenu upgraded his spaceplane fleet from DC-8’s to 747’s. These new spaceplanes are more fuel efficient; they also carry far more thetans who are frozen in a 60/40 mixture of glycol and alcohol.

Contrary to popular rumor, David Miscavige is not Xenu.

Hillary Completes OT III at Flag!

Hillary had problems at Flag with the OT III materials, but once we handled her crashing misunderstood on BT’s she F/N’d and attested to having completed the level.


Scientific Evidence of BT’s Discovered!


Scientology researcher Dr. Kool de Menthol today announced an historic, epic, and planetary-changing scientific breakthrough that conclusively proves the claim of Scientology: There are body thetans surrounding the host thetan.

Ordered by COB to perform scientifically-based research on exec strata to find the why for the massive international statcrash — a statcrash now in its eleventh consecutive year — Dr. Kool de Menthol employed a German made wide-field WWII-era Horton x-ray machine (model 851) to take panographic x-rays to see what sort of debris, radiation, shrapnel, wrong data, false computations, motorcycle parts, or implants were lodged inside the thick, banky, and counter-intentioned heads of exec strata members.

The first x-ray taken of ED INT’s head was shocking for it revealed his skull to be surrounded by a cluster of BT’s who are being skulls! The x-ray showed the skull BT’s putting lines and beams into ED INT’s head! Radiocarbon dating confirmed the BT skulls to be 75,000,000 years old (+/- 10,000 years).

The source of ED INT’s aberrated 1.1 conduct and his attempts to destroy Scientology on a planetary basis has now been located and can be handled in session — but only after the ED INT completes his RPF and makes up the damage he has done to the group.

Dr. Kool de Menthol recommends that all Scientologists get their heads examined immediately.



Oh That Zany Tom Cruise!


Church of Scientlology Body Thetan Protection Suit


Artwork and concept inspired by and borrowed from: http://satisfixation.com/mpcu

Top Secret Documents Leaked! NWO Psych Conspiracy Revealed!





Purpose: The WABITT is a psychoactive “AI” electronic implanting device intended for use on human planets in the early phases of their discovery and use of radio, television, and internet transmission technologies. WABITT’s are ideally introduced in the period when radio has been stable for several decades and wide-scale television and the internet use are beginning to occur.

1. Cultural Psycho-Prompts: Coincident with initial WABITT deployment in by contrail-dispersal aircraft, SIG LLC will stage the requisite flying saucer crashes, hoaxes, conspiracies, and “signs and wonders” to increase public interest in New Age, psychiatric, religious, and occultic groups and conspiracy theories.

2. Powering Up the WABITT: WABITT’s are released on a stealth basis by SIG LLC  aircraft equipped with contrail dispersal gear. WABITT’s are dispersed atmospherically. They are capable of continuously self-charging their internal 64 year batteries by scavenging ambient WiFi, television, and radio broadcast energy. An internal switching circuit allows WABITT’s to scavenge power from the SIG LLC satellite network that beams Tesla power wirelessly to WABITT’s.

3. Deployment:  Once released in the stratosphere by SIG LLC contrail aircraft, the prevailing winds disperse tens of trillions of WABITT’s globally.

4. Attraction and Clustering to Human Bodies: The WABITT 98.6 F guidance system seeks human body temperature and thus guides itself towards humans using its autopilot circuit. Once a WABITT is within one meter of a human, it releases an energetic microwave pulse to implant itself onto the human. The statistical distribution is such that all humans on Teegeeack have 350,000-2,500,000 WABITT’s attached to their bodies.

5. Activation: Once implanted on the body of a human, the WABITT self-activates its onboard radio, television, and internet receivers and psycho-transmitters.

6. The Scientology Angle: WABITT Technology is the actual undisclosed basis of the Scientology upper levels and has been for decades since the secret agreement between CSC and SIG LLC. Due to their low current DC output, WABBIT devices read on the e-meter and hence are detectable. This functionality provides self-referential  proof to willing adherents.


NOTE: SIG LLC licensees understand and acknowledge that WABBIT’s have no user serviceable parts, are not dishwasher safe, and will not open hatch covers to inspect the patented, secret inner mechanisms of ATS’ proprietary psychotronic technology.

6A. Recording: Each WABITT can digitally record up to three minutes of randomly-selected radio, television, and internet content. The content on each WABBIT is randomly erased and new content recorded. Time intervals for random erasure range from sixty seconds to sixty-two years. Erasure is initiated by a randomizer. Randomity is an essential product feature of WABBIT’s.

6B. Pseudo-Personality Software: The patented WABITT AI software algorithm is selective in recording dialogue from both real and fictional characters on television, radio, and online. The WABITT records dialogue in order to feedback, or mimic, the apparency that it is a real person. When telepathically contacted by a human OT, the WABITT will appear to be an actual entity interacting with the human OT. When telepathically contacted by a Christian or a Muslim, the WABBIT can mimic an angel, a demon, or the jinn. Other WABBIT’s will oppose the primary WABBIT being contacted in order to initiate inner conflict and drive a person to seek one of the cures secretly sold by SIG LLC front groups, organizations, and religions.

6C. Challenge Default Software: When presented with a challenge from a human OT that its pseudo-person software cannot process, the challenge default software on the WABITT will prompt it to claim that is has been somnolent or has had amnesia on the wholetrack and has just been woken up.

6D. Inc II Default: All WABITT’s include a Inc II recall data loop. This is purely fictional but nevertheless serves to validate the upper level claims of Inc II of OT III.

6E: R6 Defaults: All WABITT’s include data recall loops that support all major Teegeeack religious images. Note: The auto-switching circuitry will fail in 2.5% of the human population due to anomalies in body chemistry that are not understood. This will cause these individuals to freewheel through the recordings and data streams of their 350,000 – 2,500,000 WABITT’s. Conversely, 2.5% of the human population will become various sorts of geniuses due to harmonic amplification of WABITT data streams. Both extremes are perplexing and degrade SIG LLC NWO master planning.

Method Patent: The WABITT is based on AI. The WABITT device is a wireless, pseudo-telepathic receiver and transmitter that creates a fragmentary, artificial personality. Each of the 35,000 – 50,000 WABITT’s clustered upon each human receives and records random snippets of radio, television, and internet signals and then transmits this content into the mind of humans. The vast data torrent transmitted by WABBITS is subjectively experienced and interpreted by humans in various ways:

A. As intrapsychic conflict between warring identities. Hence, the WABITT can easily induce schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and/or other “psychiatric” and “religious” disorders.

B. Mental chatter to be ignored by use of Zen.

C. Voices inside of one’s head to be obeyed.

D. Voices inside of one’s head to be physician-medicated or self-medicated.

E. Inconsequential biological noise that can be ignored.

F. Endless and free creative content.

H. Deja Vu experiences

I. Religious visions, raptures, and ecstasies.

J. Mental image pictures and/or engrammic content about which something can and must be done.

K. Auditory and/or visual hallucinations.

L. Apparitions, ghosts, extraterrestrials, and various other entities.

M. When used with Scientology brand solo auditing, the WABITT senses e-meter low voltage and auto switches to its BT mode.

The versatile WABITT can be used to create intrapsychic conflict and thus monetize Religion, Psychiatry, Scientology, and many other lucrative mass movements, frenzies, fads, political rage, popular delusions, madness, and other profitable psychopathologies. The WABITT is most fundamentally a device used to manipulate and control humans.

Monetization: SIG LLC secretly offers “cures”, “pharmaceuticals”, and “religious technology” to various groups in exchange for gold, platinum, or titanium bars. What SIG LLC actually does is to remotely switch off a percentage of WABITT’s in a given group in order to create the apparency of religious deliverance, psychiatric cures, spiritual freedom, the state of Clear, or other apparently miraculous breakthroughs that are ultimately without substance. WABBITS are in the 0 state or the 1 state. 0 state is experienced as pain. The 1 state is experienced as pleasure.

By cycling 0 and 1 sequences from the SIG LLC satellites and the Mount Shasta very large emitter grid array, the human population is kept in a perpetual quest for cure, salvation, and happiness in exchange for which they will pay our front groups all of their substance. Some SIG LLC front groups are more profitable with WABBIT technology than others. As a general statement, however, WABITT’s are Squey.