Scientology’s A Team Ready to Clear the Planet


Scientologists Greta Van Susteren, David Miscavige, Louis Farrakhan, and Tom Cruise stand ready to engage in Fair Game, Disconnection, and using all other Scientology Technology to clear the planet and build a New Civilization.

Are you ready to join the A Team and help Scientology dispose of quietly and without sorrow all persons 2.0 and below on the Tone Scale?


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  1. Yes! We’re ready to work to increase the scientology purity of this planet! At the same time Captain David Miscavige will teach you to SCOHB!!

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  2. I’m still waiting for COB to submit proof that he has rid himself of all body thetans. Without this his claim to the legitimate leader of the world’s most rapidly expanding religion is suspect at best.

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  3. Our initial appraisal…Field Marshall Farakhan looks resplendent in the colors of the new Afrika Korps campaign dress. Carry on.

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  4. What would be the possibility of the Church lowering its standards to allow Monique Yingling to join? I feel she’s real A Team material if she wasn’t just a stinkin’ wog. If not a full fledged member, how about their lawyer/spokesman?

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  5. I got the impression that one has to be below 2.0 these days to be considered an on source scientologist.


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