Church of Scientology Steps Up Security After Four Disconnection Protesters Disrupt Human Rights Celebration at the Great Palace of Auditing


Scientology’s paid mercenaries protect the Great Palace of Auditing. Located in Los Angeles, the Great Palace of Auditing has 1,500 auditing rooms, 300 interrogation chambers, and 82 dungeons.

“The protests must stop!” declared Mr. Ken Delusion, Commanding Officer of Scientology Friendliness Services at the Great Palace of Auditing in Los Angeles.

“How are we in Scientology supposed to celebrate Human Rights when four SP’s are out on the street protesting our voluntary Disconnection policy, child labor practices, sec checks, RPF, and our many other life-affirming pro-family ecclesiastical practices?”

“We in Scientology are very friendly,” stated Delusion. “However, we will not hesitate to use our armed mercenaries or vicious guard dogs against these savage and wildly enthetatastic protesters whose protest signs and suppressive Suppression threaten the case gain and Bridge progress of every single Scientologist on the Planet!”

“As auditing refusenik Dr. Miscavige has warned us, Suppression can sabotage one’s progress at any and every level of the Bridge from Clear to OT. These SP’s can literally destroy years or decades of case gain and incinerate millions of dollars in auditing, case cracking, and even the state of OTVIII just by walking down the public sidewalks in front of our Orgs. SP’s are savagely vicious and dangerous and must be stopped!” roared Delusion in a purple rage of angry histrionics and hysteria that reminded many of Captain David Miscavige.


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    • Doctor, if you had bothered to read and M9 COB’s Los Angeles Paint Scheme Policy #112, you would know the following:

      1. PAC Base must be done up in the same shade of blue as Xenu.

      2. The Great Palace of Auditing must be done up in the same drab and authoritarian light grays and browns of Marcabian architecture.

      3. Celebrity Centre must, too, be done up in same the drab and authoritarian light grays and browns of Marcabian architecture.

      4. The HGB must look like a decadent, kicked-in-the-head, Fifth Invader Force bank building circa 1930 Earth time.

      5. The Supreme RTC Council Building a.k.a. “COB’s Phallic Rocketship” must be blue and must glisten in the Sunlight.

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  1. You are always so entertaining, but today you’ve outdone yourself. I learned a new word, too: “enthetatastic.” I’ve been rolling around on the carpet with laughter. After shaking Janet Weiland’s hand last night, I really needed that. I enthetatastically await your next installment.


    • Fred, we in RTC created the word “Enthetatastic” for people like you, DodoTheLaser, Whostolemycog, Miss B. Haven, and all of the other fabulous SP’s who make the Underground Bunker, this blog, and all the other SP blogs, websites, movies, and documentaries so Enthetatastic!

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  2. There is of course but one way to quickly reverse the loss of case gain caused the the suppressive Suppressors’ suppression.

    It’s why the IAS was founded.

    Up your status today!


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