COB RTC David Miscavige Shows How to Correctly Slug PC’s Using GAT II Tech


Acclaimed as a child prodigy auditor at St. Hill for putting in harsh ethics on his preclear in session by use of a quick rabbit punch to the stomach, COB RTC David Miscavige today showed Flag auditors how to handle troublesome preclears in GAT II sessions.

Involuntarily assisted by Church spokesman Ken Delusion who was standing next to COB, Mr. Miscavige emphasized this point: “The key technical handling in GAT II is *KAPOW!* a quick clean right hook to the jaw of the preclear. But here’s the main thing: The preclear can’t see it coming; it has to be a sucker punch that really impinges! Ken Delusion didn’t even see it coming, did you Ken?”

Bloodied and in a state of shock, Delusion seemed dazed by the sudden and unexpected ecclesiastical blow to the head. Unable to answer and thus having comm lagged, Delusion was immediately escorted away and placed into a lower ethics condition for trying to make COB wrong.

Undeterred by Delusion’s suppressive dramatization, COB continued his lecture: “My handling of preclears at St. Hill became such a succesful action for me that I have continued for several decades now to use my COB tech of hitting, punching, choking, and kicking Sea Org execs and anyone else who backflashes me or shows any counter-intention to Command Intention. Once I even had to put a fork through the hand of a public who backflashed me at dinner. But that’s what it takes sometimes.”

“I  piloted my sucker punch GAT II right hook tech on executives at Gold Base,” COB boasted. “COB Tech is based upon the stable datum that, ‘when order is put into disorder, confusion blows off.’ Granted, Sea Org execs also tend to blow but that is the cost of handling counter-intention or any reasonableness in my environment,” stated Mr. Miscavige.

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  1. Bravo Sir!, Another way to show how our captain oh captain….uh…shit i mean COB, uses another recently discoverd and hense re-written to utter truly correct, without a word of a lie, confront and shatter…glass jaw tech! Take that, and that! You shattered jaw SPs!

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  2. Beg my pardon, and no offense intended, but you in the RTC have to step in and correct Capt’n Blackheart Miscavige here. It appears that he has confused Ethics with Tech. Even I know that it is only in Ethics that one delivers an effective blow to one’s enemies (defined as someone who is not ‘all in’ and making maximum contributions to the group via the IAS). When delivering the Tech, one hammers out of existence incorrect technology. So, when it comes to dealing with Ethics Particles, one uses fists. When it comes to applying the sacred Tech, hammers are used on uncooperative, no-case-gain, resistant, dog PCs. I’m sure that the only reason our Capt’n made this error is because he is surrounded by incompetent, non-compliant, CICS, lazy, off purpose, other fish to fry, dilettante, dabbling Sea Org members and he has to wear all of their hats to keep the ship afloat. I’m sure that he is not confused because of going past an MU. Even a neophyte public Scientologist would never do that.

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  3. Hilarious. 😛 I truly laughed out loud.

    I get it now; geez what a dolt I’ve been. When order is put into a disorder and confusion blows off and your top execs leave, that’s a good thing!!!!! All those blows were just these confused sea org blowing off!!!! COB needed to get rid of the rif raf. What better, more effective way to do it than with the COB Tech!!! I get it!!!! COB is the man!

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